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Introduction:  Towns like Granite City were built in the shadow of ruined Zentraedi ships, a harsh reminder of the Robotech War.  Now it seems that the vessel was the renegade Zentraedi's true target.


Location:  Urban

Recommended Mecha:  VF-1A or VF-1D


Notes:  The key to this mission is to take it slow, the mission brief makes it sound as though you have limited time to destroy the ship's turrets before the town is destroyed; however, there is no mission timer.  Use the turret's limited line of sight to your advantage and destroy them one by one.

Notes:  Quickly transform into fighter mode and boost to the rear of the Zentraedi ship launching several missile volleys at the turrets to weaken them.

Notes:  Once you get into the ships rear, there are not nearly the number of turrets as in the front.  Eliminate the Scavengers, and transform into guardian mode and duck behind some buildings.  Use the building as cover, while you side-slip out and fire missiles at the turrets. 

Notes:  Once you destroy the two laser turrets protecting the rear you can either work your way around the ship to the left or to the right.  One can position your mecha in such a fashion that you can fire at the turrets, while they are blocked by their own ship.  Slowly work your way around the ship destroying each turret in kind until you reach the front.

Notes:  In addition to the turrets,  Zentraedi infantry will enter into the battlespace from the front, rear, and the left side of the ship.

Notes:  Once you have cleared out one side the ship, move around to the back and then work your way from the back around to the other side.  This is easier than attacking the other side from the front, as the turrets tend to have more obstructions to their fire from the rear.

Notes:  Once all the Zentraedi turrets and the Zentraedi infantry have been eliminated, the mission has been successfully completed.

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