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Introduction:  After removing the aerial threats, you proceed to the surface.  The supplies were spread across the landscape when the RDF transport planes were shot down and now must be recovered.


Location:  Canyon

Recommended Mecha:  VF-1J or VF-1A.  As this mission is timed,  you will have to take damage in the process of recovering the supplies and ignoring attacks from the Zentraedi in the area.


Notes:  Four crates of supplies are scattered in the valleys around the outpost

Notes:  Transform into fighter and follow the blue arrow towards your first supply crate.  If possible destroy the scout pods along the line of flight which are jamming your radar and thus preventing you from obtaining an accurate view of the battlespace.  If you are jammed, continue to the best of your ability towards the crate you have targeted for pickup.  Three of the four crates are fairly close to the outpost, within 30 seconds of flight time, while the last one is some distance away.  Once you get within visual range, transform into guardian mode and lay down a suppressing fire.  Immediately pick up the crate, dodging enemy fire and return it immediately to the outpost.


Notes:  Once you drop off your first crate transform into fighter and boost towards the second and then the third, repeating the process outlined above.  Do not spend too much time dispatching enemy Battle Pods as the Sea Sergeants are on their way to pick up the supplies four minutes after the start of the mission.

Notes:  Finally the last crate, pick it up and return it to back to the landing zone.  If you have only picked up three, or fewer crates, before the first Sea Sergeant is ready to land you must immediately return to the landing zone to protect it while it loads up the supplies.  You will have some time to between Sea Sergeants to pick up the other crates.

Notes:  Once the Sea Sergeants  arrive you will have to protect them from incoming Light Artillery Pods which will arrive in single units but from widely dispersed directions.  Transform into guardian mode and circle around the landing zone dispatching pods as they come down the canyon and moving on towards the next threat.


Notes:  Once the Sea Sergeants have loaded up the mission is over.

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