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Introduction:  The end is imminent, as the Zentraedi forces now surround the small RDF base that you have learned to call home.  While the warlord Zerall prepares to launch his final offensive on Base 6, Wolf squadron prepares for the onslaught to come.


Location:  Terrestrial Valley

Mecha:  Your mission is to protection both Monsters, as such a majority of the enemy fire is directed at them.  The VF-1S with its superior maneuverability and weapons load out is the recommended Veritech for this mission. 


Notes:  Unfortunately with Khyron's attack on New Macross City and the destruction of the SDF-1 and SDF-2, there will be no reinforcements from the RDF.  Base 6 will be left to defend itself from the full fury of Zeraal forces.


Notes:  You have no support for this mission and the Monsters are extremely vulnerable from both airborne and land based attacks from Zentraedi Pods.  However, the Monsters will destroy incoming Zentraedi Reentry Pods thereby reducing the number of Pods attacking the outpost.

Notes:  In this mission one should remain in fighter mode flying ovals, or figure eights, over the two Monster positions.  Although the Fighter Pods will concentrate on the Monsters, try to save a missile volley for use as a decoy pod.  Attack groups of Fighter Pods before they make their bombing runs on the Monsters or as they are coming over the lip of the canyon.  One should not linger on a target for too long and try to attack multiple targets with massed missile volleys.  Only use your GU-11 cannon to finish off targets which are on your flight path, and remember that if you have to protect both Monsters and if you break your orbit the other Monsters is likely to suffer from a heavy attack.


Notes:   The Monsters will engage the inbound Reentry pods.  Although the Fighter Pods, and later in the mission Battle Pods, should be your primary targets, you could destroy, and or weaken, a couple of these defenseless targets as they are making their final landing approach. 

Notes:  Eventually a number of Reentry Pods will successfully land and release swarms of Light Artillery and Tactical Battlepods.  You now have to protect both Monsters from both air and land attacks.  Watch for Pods which sneak around the rear of the outpost and attack the Monsters from behind.

Notes:  After sufficient enemy has been destroyed, Commander Chase will order you to retreat to the Base.  Unfortunately, the shear number of Zentraedi forces are going to overwhelm the outer defenses.

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