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Introduction:  Skarrde's data capsule has revealed the positions of Zentraedi troops all across the wasteland.  You have been ordered to perform strafing runs on one of the many Zentraedi columns now advancing toward Base 6.  Time to take the fight back to the enemy.


Location:  Valley

Recommended Mecha:  VF-1S, or VF-1J if more armor is necessary


Notes:  There are two ways of completing this particular mission.  In either case, all of the shuttles must be destroyed before they can escape from the valley.  The shuttles will make their appearance during the mission in the following numbers 3-3-6-6-3.  The more difficult method by which one can complete the mission is to remain in fighter mode and travel up and down the valley strafing the convoys of shuttles as they appear and destroying the fixed emplacements and Battle Pods in the time between.

Notes:  The far easier way is to let the shuttles come to you as all of the shuttle groups escape from the same portion of the valley.  Transform into fighter mode and take a few quick shots at the initial convoy.  Fly down the valley destroying as many turrets along the way.

Notes:  Once you arrive at the end of the valley, you will notice that there is a slight depression which you can use for cover from the Light Artillery Pods and remaining turrets.  Wait for the convoy to come to you and transform into guardian mode.


Notes:  As the convoys of shuttles make their way down the valley floor hit them with long ranged missile fire to reduce their number.  As the number of shuttles in a convoy increase to six, you might have to turn around and destroy ones which have made it past you.  Those should be your highest priority as they are mere moments from escaping the valley.  Once you have destroyed these, turn back around and continue to fire at targets in the valley.

Notes:  Once all the shuttles are destroyed, the mission is over.

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