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Introduction:  You have been sent on a search-and-destroy mission, with orders to hit a large staging area where Zeraal's troops have massed for a major push into the RDF safe zone.


Location:  Valley

Recommended Mecha:  VF-1J with its balance of maneuverability, armor, and weapons is ideal for this mission


Notes:  There is no particular order in which you must destroy the Reentry Pods, shuttles, and Protoculture crates.  There are three spurs in the valley, to the left is the shuttles, straight ahead is the Reentry Pods, and to the right is the protoculture supply.

Notes:  Transform into guardian mode and slowly make your way down the valley taking out Zentraedi turrets and using the terrain to block yourself from their counter attacks.




Notes:  Follow the valley to the left and eventually, you will come onto the location of the shuttles.  They are guarded by a Heavy Artillery Pod, Light Artillery Pod and a Tactical Battle Pod.  Quickly close and eliminate the remaining shuttles for as long as you remain in this area a single Light Artillery Pod will respawn and come down from the heights in the valley and attack your position.


Notes:  Make your way back to where the valley splits apart and head to the right.  You will quickly come to the location of the Protoculture crates guarded by an Officer Battle Pod and a Heavy Artillery Pod.  Transform into battloid and switch to sniper mode quickly targeting the Protoculture crates.  As previously experience with the shuttles, as long as you remain in this area a single Tactical Battle Pod and a Light Artillery Pod will continually respawn and come down into the valley.

Notes:  Travel back to the central area in the valley and head up the central spur towards the Reentry Pods.  Like the protoculture crates they are guarded by an Officer Battle Pod, Heavy Artillery Pod, and an additional two missile turrets.  Quickly destroy the Reentry Pods as reinforcements of Light Artillery Pods and Tactical Battle Pods will swarm into the area.

Notes:  Once you have destroyed the Reentry Pods, shuttles, and Protoculture crates, the mission is completed.

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