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Introduction:  Zeraal's forces are overrunning the wasteland, and many of the outlying towns are being evacuated.  Troop transports are being used to move civilians from outlying towns to Base 6 for protection.


Location:  Canyons

Recommended Mecha:  VF-1S


Notes:  You have a single Tomahawk Destroid on the bridge for this mission; however, it provides little help.  The primary defense of the bridge is up to you.

Notes:  The bridge will initially come under attack from waves of fighter pods which come from down the valley and over the crest to the right of the bridge, as viewed with the bridge to your rear.  Transform into guardian mode and destroy the fighter pods with missile volleys and cannon bursts before they are able to launch a counter attack on the bridge. 

Notes:  Eventually three Reentry Pods per wave will land down the valley.  The two Reentry Pods on the right always contain two Tactical Battle Pods apiece while the one on the left holds a single Light Artillery Pod and a Tactical Battle Pods.  Never target the Reentry Pods directly as they only contain two mecha and will immediately retreat once they release their load.  One must, however, target the battle pods quickly before they can close to weapons range of the bridge.


Notes:  If the Battle Pods are able to get this close to the bridge, you must destroy them immediately as they are now well within firing range.

Notes:  Once approximately 5 minutes have passed, enough traffic as evacuated to Base 6 and the mission is over.

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