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Introduction:  You have been sent on a under cover mission within Zentraedi territory, where you must perform an as yet undisclosed assignment.


Location:  Valley

Recommended Mecha:  VF-1S, or VF-1J if added armor is necessary


Notes:  You are to meet up with a spy to retrieve valuable information on Zeraal's offensive

Notes:  Stay in battloid mode and snipe the first couple of battle pods down the valley.  Once they are taken care of transform into guardian and slowly make your way down the valley, transforming back into battloid once you make contact with the enemy and sniping them at extreme range.


Notes:  If necessary, transform into guardian, and fire missiles at incoming pods. 



Notes:  As you slowly make your way down the valley, use the natural features to protect yourself from incoming attacks.  Transform into guardian mode and side-slip out of cover to fire your missiles and cannons, and then move back under cover.

Notes:  The double agent is Skarrde, the officer whom you saved from destruction by Hiro and captured earlier.  He was moved by your actions and decided to work for the RDF.




Notes:  Take the data capsule and boost down the valleys.  There will be a number of Light Artillery Pods along the way.  As you only have 3.5 minutes, do not take any extra time destroying them.  Fire your missiles and then dodge through the valley avoiding any reprisal attacks.

Notes:  Once you arrive at the landing zone, you will have to protect the Sea Sergeant from incoming Light Artillery Pods and a Reentry Pod.  Destroy them as they come into range over the lip of the valley and protect the helicopter at all costs.

Notes:  As the helicopter escapes, you have completed the mission.

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