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Introduction:  Hiro has disappeared after embarking on a recon mission in Zentraedi-controlled territory.  Against orders, you and Izzy "borrowed" a Cat's Eye to hunt for your lost friend. 


Location:  Canyon

Recommended Mecha:  VF-1S


Notes:  The enemy fighters and the Battle Pods will typically target Izzy in the Cat's Eye and ignore you, while the ground turrets will target the closest enemy.  The key to successfully completing this mission is to stay close to Cat's Eye.  Several times during the course of the mission groups of fighter pods or Tactical Battle Pods will attack Izzy from behind and you must be in a position to quickly respond to these attacks.

Notes:  Stay in fighter mode to launch off missiles at the fighter pods and to release decoy pods if they have targeted the Cat's Eye.  Transform into guardian mode to dispatch the groups of battle pods on the valley floor. 

Notes:  Izzy will inform you that her sensors are reading a large number of enemy deeper in the valley.  Advance down the valley until you come into contact with the fighter pods that are vectored towards the Cat's Eye.  Do not get bogged down fighting the other units, follow the fighter pods back to Izzy before they are able to destroy her.

Notes:  The final portion of this mission is a gauntlet of laser and missile turrets.  Destroy them as quickly as possible, before they are able to target the Cat's Eye.  A group of battle pods will attack Izzy from the rear once you have engaged the first couple of turrets, dispatch them and then continue destroying the remaining turrets

Notes:  Once the Cat's Eye has made it past the turrets the mission is completed.

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