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Introduction:  You have left Izzy's Cat's Eye behind as you continue the search for Hiro, which has taken you further into the heavily patrolled Zentraedi wasteland.


Location:  Canyon

Recommended Mecha:  VF-1S, however VF-1J is also an option as the extra armor is beneficial once you are required to protect Hiro from the incoming waves of Zentraedi Battlepods.


Notes:  Take your time in the first portion of the mission.  However, once you get to Hiro you must protect him or fail the mission


Notes:  Transform into guardian mode and slowly take out the enemy mecha and turrets.  There is no rush at this point so take your time and conserve your armor.  After you destroy the four turrets on either side of the valley there are a couple of remaining Tactical Battle Pods (TBA) and Light Artillery Pods (LAP) to destroy before you arrive at Hiro's position.


Notes:  Unfortunately, Hiro's Tomahawk is immobile; however, the weapon systems are still on line and he can torso twist thus providing 360 degrees of fire.  You are going to have to help fight off the incoming Zentraedi Pods and bring him back to the Cat's Eye.  The Zentraedi will attack in three columns.   Transform into guardian mode and launch missiles at the TBA and LAPs coming down the valley floor.  Constantly maneuver around Hiro to protect him from any pods which make it through your initial attacks. 


Notes:  Once the incoming attacks are destroyed pick up Hiro and head back to the Cat's Eye.  The valley once cleared of Zentraedi  is now repopulated with TBA and LAPs.  Slowly destroy them, again using the natural terrain to your advantage.

Notes:  Once you get Hiro back to the Cat's Eye, the mission is completed.

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