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Introduction:  A shipment of relief supplies from New Macross City has been shot down en route to Base 6.  Helicopters have been dispatched to recover the supplies, and you have been sent to clear a path for them.


Location:  Terrestrial Air

Recommended Mecha:  VF-1S


Notes:  This is a standard aerospace combat mission.  All the techniques which have served you up this point will come into play.  Stay in fighter mode and constantly vary your movement to avoid incoming fire.

Notes:  You first have to destroy several waves of Fighter Pods.

Notes:  After you have destroyed the initial waves of fighter pods,  two Cyclops Recon pods and several Male Power Armors will arrive.  Finish off the remaining fighter pods, as they are the only enemy units left with any missile capability.  Next destroy the Cyclops and finally engage the remaining Male Power Armor.  If you constantly use boost, the MPA will have little chance of hitting you with their impact and particle cannons.


Notes:  One the skies are cleared for the Sea Sergeants the mission is complete.

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