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Introduction:  An enemy shuttle convoy has disappeared into the extensive debris field left behind by the war.  Radar can no longer penetrate the debris field, and the presence of Scout Pods is suspected.


Location:  Space debris field

Recommended Mecha:  VF-1S (or Super VF-1S if available)


Notes:  This is a fairly standard aerospace mission, with the only caveat is that you must destroy all of the scout pods.  The Scout Pods are hiding to varying degrees within the debris field. 

Notes:  Transform into fighter mode and travel through the debris field.  Initially, the only opposition will be Tactical Battle Pods, Light Artillery Pods, and Scout Pods.  Once you have locked onto a Scout Pod, focus your attacks until it is destroyed. 


Notes:  Eventually, the Zentraedi will send in Heavy Artillery Pods.  Heavy missiles, which are targeting your Veritech, will show as orange triangles on your radar display.  Use a decoy pod or take evasive maneuvers to avoid these damaging missiles.

Notes:  Use the debris to your advantage by maneuvering through destroyed ships to avoid incoming attacks from Zentraedi Pods.

Notes:  Towards the end of the mission, groups of Male Power Armor will make their appearance.  Destroy the Zentraedi Pods before attacking these MPA, for as soon as you destroy each group of two another will take their place.  Once you are down to a couple of Scout Pods remaining, travel outside their jamming range and make note of their location.  Once you fly back into their jamming field, fly directly towards their last known location.


Notes:  Once all the Scout Pods are destroyed, the mission is over.

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