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Introduction:  The Zentraedi army continues to advance south towards Base 6, and the RDF can no longer protect the outlying communities in its path.  You have returned to Graystone to help evacuate the town


Location:  In and around the city of Graystone

Recommended Mecha:  VF-1S, or VF-1J if the added armor is necessary.


Notes:  Wolf-10 is to protect Graystone from incoming Zentraedi forces until the evacuation is complete.  You should remain in guardian for a majority of the mission, as you will be flying from one hot-spot to another.

Notes:  You will be sent to the south perimeter to reinforce some Defender Destroids.  Stay behind the Defenders while the first group of Battle Pods attack.  Eventually, several Reentry Pods will attempt to land and deploy their troops.  If  possible attack and eliminate them while they are still in the air.

Notes:  After the south perimeter is secure, you will be ordered to the north where Hiro is located.  However upon arriving, there are no Destroids protecting the area and you are forced to hold the area by yourself.  Again, try to destroy the Reentry Pods while they are still in the air thus destroying the mecha contained therein.  After the third Reentry Pod is destroyed, Hiro and an extra Tomahawk will arrive and help you dispatch the remaining Zentraedi.


Notes:  Although a majority of the Zentraedi attack force from the North will follow the road several pods will attack from the rear.  Be on the lookout for these small groups on your radar.

Notes:  The Mayor is in trouble over at the radio tower you must pick him up and bring him safely to the helicopter landing zone.

Notes:  Reentry pods are dropping two Tactical Battle Pods and one Light Artillery Pod on either side of the landing zone.  Try to destroy the Reentry Pods in the air; however, if you fail to do so and they release their units do not waste any missiles on them as they do not have any additional troops other than what they deploy in the first wave.

Notes:  Once the Sea Sergeants escape, the mission is complete.

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