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Introduction:  While hostile Zentraedi forces continue to overrun the town of Graystone, you have volunteered to escort a group of Sea Sergeant helicopters, loaded with evacuees, on their way to Base 6.


Location:  Canyons

Mecha:  VF-1S, or VF-1J if the added armor is necessary.


Notes:  The key to this mission is to stay in close to the Sea Sergeant helicopters and destroy the landing Reentry Pods before they are able to release their cargo.

Notes:    Transform into guardian mode and stay slightly ahead of the convoy destroying the enemy mecha before they can come into weapons range. 

Notes:  Several Reentry Pods will attempt to land immediately to the front and to the rear of the convoy.  As they appear over the lip of the canyon, destroy them before they are able to unload their payload of two Tactical Battle Pods and one Light Artillery Pod.

Notes:  You will pass through the first bridge, when one of the helicopters will have a mechanical failure and will have to land to transfer its crew and passengers to the remaining two undamaged helicopters.  The Zentraedi will attack the clearing with additional Tactical Battle Pods and two Reentry Pods.


Notes:  The convoy will resume is journey down the canyon, and again you must stay close and protect it from enemy attacks from the rear.  Additional Reentry Pods will land just immediately beyond the second bridge and Tactical Battle Pods will attack from the top of the valley.

Notes:  Once the helicopters round the bend just beyond the second bridge, they will have made it to safety and the mission has been completed.

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