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Introduction:  After uncovering the location of the enemy shuttles, you have followed them as they make their way toward friendly Zentraedi vessels.


Location:  Space

Recommended Mecha:  VF-1S (if available Super VF-1S)


Notes:  Rebellious elements of Zentraedi have managed to seize control of a allied Zentraedi destroyer and loaded a number of shuttles with stockpiles of Protoculture.  First, you must destroy the fleeing shuttles and then eliminate the anti-ship turrets before they destroy the ARMD.  Focus on the mission objectives and do not get side tracked racking up kills, thereby allowing the shuttles to escape.

Notes:  Lock on to multiple shuttles and unleash a massive missile volley to begin the mission.  Concentrate your firepower on the escaping shuttles and try to dodge the incoming attacks from rogue Zentraedi mecha.

Notes:    Once all the shuttles are destroyed, the anti-ship laser turrets will fire on the ARMD.  Eliminate all the turrets on the Zentraedi Destroyer before the ARMD is destroyed.  The forward turrets will focus on the ARMD while the rear and flank will fire their massive beams at you.

Notes:  Once the turrets are destroyed the mission is complete.

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