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Introduction:  Small teams of Male Power Armor units have penetrated the RDF safe zone and pinned down the Destroids stationed there.  You have been sent to dispatch the enemy snipers before the RDF position is overwhelmed.


Location:  Valley/RDF outpost

Recommended Mecha:  If you are going to engage the Male Power Armor in sniper mode then VT-1D or VF-1A.  Use the VF-1J if you are going to fight in a more conventional fashion.


Notes:  Head down the main road and take a turn to the left.  Transform into guardian mode, but stay low and constantly maneuver to avoid any attacks from the first Male Power Armor (MPA) which is hidden down this second road and slightly to the right.  Draw him out and boost back to the starting point where you can transform into battloid and destroy him using long range sniper attacks.


Notes:  Travel back down the road, roughly half way across the bridge, and you should lock on to the second MPA.  Dispatch him using a sniper attack.

Notes:  Destroy the two Light Artillery Pods (LAP) further down the road.  Transform into guardian mode and use the rock out cropping and/or base wall to block any attacks.  After these two LAPs are destroyed, the two Tomahawk Destroids will move up to this road and protect your flanks from the reinforcements dropped by the Reentry Pods.


Notes:  The third and fourth MPA are on the other side of this final dam.  Target the MPA and either use your long range sniper attack or transform into guardian and fire missiles using the hill to protect you from any attacks.

Notes:  Once all four of the MPA are destroyed the mission is complete

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