Last modified 10/31/02

Introduction:  You have pursued the Male Power Armor commander to an industrial district not far from Base 6, where he has since disappeared.


Location:  RDF outpost

Recommended Mecha:  VF-1S or VF-1J if more armor is necessary.


Notes:  This is a simple mission as the only goal is to kill Gorian.

Notes:  Transform into fighter mode and fly circles around the RDF outpost.  Constantly maneuver to avoid Gorian's attacks; however as the Male Power Armor has no missile weaponry, there is no need to save volleys for decoy pods.  Fire missiles at your leisure and once Gorian comes into view, every time you travel around the circle, fire a couple of GU-11 cannon bursts into his armored hide.

Notes:  Once Gorain has been destroyed, the mission has been completed.

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