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Introduction:  Zentraedi forces have retreated into a series of canyons, led by a group of Officer Pods.  You have been ordered to rush ahead of the Zentraedi to prevent their escape. 


Location:  Canyons

Mecha:  Although the added speed and maneuverability of the VF-1S is useful, the added armor of the VF-1J or VF-1A are necessary on this mission.


Notes:  The Zentraedi are retreating and you must destroy their officers in order to prevent them from regrouping and threatening Base 6 at a later time

Notes:  You must transform into fighter mode, guardian mode will not get you to the shuttles in time to destroy them, and maneuver through the narrow canyons.  Concentrate on dodging the Zentraedi ground lasers and only destroy ground targets if totally necessary, remember that you have a limited amount of time to destroy the shuttles.


Notes:  Once you get to the destroyed bridge, ignore the Officer Battle Pods and take a left following the blue arrow. 

 Notes:  After avoiding numerous canyon obstacles, you will arrive at a fork in the canyon.  Take the right hand fork, the shuttles are only 15 seconds away now.

Notes:  Once you find the clearing with the shuttles transform into guardian mode and destroy the first shuttle at a distance.  Use the rock outcropping in the center of the clearing as cover from the Officer Battle Pods and move forward and to the left to destroy the other two shuttles.


Notes:  Once the shuttles are destroyed, you now can take as much time as necessary to destroy the three officer battle pods.  Head back into the canyon and and use the rocks to protect you from the incoming Officer Battle Pods firing multiple missile volleys at enemy units and then side-slipping behind the rocks for cover. 

Notes:  Once the three Officer Battle Pods are destroyed, the mission is over.

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