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Introduction:  Zeraal's forces are being transported in Reentry Pods back to their headquarters in Zen City.  You and the remaining members of Wolf squadron must thin their numbers before they reach the city.


Location:  Terrestrial Air

Mecha:  VF-1S with its increased missile volleys is needed for this mission to destroy the large number of Reentry Pods.



Notes:  You and Izzy must destroy the fleeing Zentraedi forces before they can regroup.

Notes:  You should stay in fighter mode for all of this mission.  If you want to avoid the rear guard Zentraedi protection force boost into missile range of the Reentry Pods.



Notes:  A number of Fighter Pods, Male Power Armors, and Cyclops will try and protect the Reentry Pods.  Do not spend too much time dispatching these enemies as your primary mission is the destruction of the Reentry Pods.  However, one can not help but send a few to their maker?

 Notes:  Leave yourself at least 90 seconds to destroy eight of the Reentry Pods.  Fly through the center of the group dodging incoming attacks from the Zentraedi fighter pods while firing massed missile volleys at the Reentry Pods and taking pot-shots with your GU-11 cannon at targets of opportunity. 

Notes:  Once you have destroyed eight of the Reentry Pods the mission is over.  The end is almost at hand as you descend into Zen City.

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