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Introduction:  You have penetrated into Zentraedi City with orders to find and eliminate Zeraal.  The Zentraedi warlord is believed to have taken refuge in a crashed carrier located in the center of the ruined city.


Location:  Urban

Mecha:  VT-1D or VF-1A with their increased armor protection are necessary for this mission.  A majority of this mission will be spent in battloid mode and thus the added maneuverability and missiles are not necessary.



Notes:  A majority of this mission will take place in battloid mode, with the use of guardian and fighter mode restricted to only a couple of times to provide a quick boost of speed or fire a couple of missile volleys.

Notes:  Walk up to this first barrier and use the sniper mode to destroy the Zentraedi Laser Turret, Light Artillery Pod, and Scout Pod.



Notes:  A Defender Destroid is in this area fighting a number of Zentraedi turrets and a single Male Power armor.  Transform into guardian mode and launch missile volleys down the road targeting the laser turrets and using the building to protect your right flank.  If you initially travel too far down the road, the Male power armor will attack you from across the large open area to your right.  After the turrets are dispatched, transform into battloid mode and quickly boost behind the barricade.  Enter into sniper mode and dispatch the Male Power Armor across the way.  After the first Male Power Armor is destroyed a second will jump to the location previously occupied by its compatriot.  "Greet" him in a similar fashion.  After both have been destroyed head across the open area to the right.  


Notes:  Head to the right of the building and behind the barricade and use the sniper mode to destroy the Male Power Armor and turrets which surround the pit.  Once they have been dispatched you will receive orders to put out the fires and rescue the Destroids pilots in the center of the pit.  Once again, use sniper mode to target the pipe on the left side of the pit.  This will put out the fires on the three Destroids and then transform into guardian to transport the pilots to the evacuation zone immediately in your rear.  


Notes:  Use fighter mode to boost down the street and transform into battloid mode behind the building to the left.  Walk to the left of the building and use the barricade to sniper a Male Power Armor down the street.  After the first attack, the Male Power Armor will jump to your right.  Remember to destroy the hidden turret on this side of the building before you travel over to the other side of the building to finish off the damaged Male Power Armor. 

Notes:  You will head down several streets guarded by turrets and Scout Pods, transform into guardian to use your missile volleys to clear them out.  Clear out the turrets and use the barricade to shield you from the Male Power Armor down the street.

Notes:  One more street to clear out.  Around this corner there is two laser and one missile turrets.  A veritech can fire missiles around the building by locking on to the target and arching them around towards the corner.

Notes:  As you approach the carrier for the inevitable confrontation with Zeraal, it folds taking you and a large portion of Zen City with it.

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