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Location:  RDF base

Recommended Mecha:  VT-1D



Notes:  The battloid is highly maneuverable and excellent in close-quarters fighting.  Remember if you can fly a jet you can operate a battloid.  For this mission both guardian and fighter mode have been disabled.

Notes:  Walk around and familiarize yourself with the battloid controls. 

Notes:  Land on top of the three structures by using the boost in battloid mode. 


Notes:  Test out your weapons by destroying a Destroid Drone.  Enemy units will appear as red blips on your radar.    Once you target an enemy, a red arrow will appear on the radar indicating the direction of the target.  Cycle through all of the destroids, target the Tomahawk drone and destroy it.


Notes:  Shooting down enemy missiles is difficult; although, the on board targeting system of the Veritech makes it somewhat easier.  Shoot down the Phalanx missiles by using the secondary fire button.


Notes:  Use the special button to enter into sniper mode.  When you have a target lined up, press the primary or secondary fire button to destroy the target.  If you hold down the fire button before you release it, you can build up the charge for a more powerful attack.  After you destroy all five targets you have successfully completed battloid training.

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