Last modified 11/10/02


Location:  RDF base

Recommended Mecha:  VT-1D



Notes:  The guardian is a mixture of battloid and fighter possessing the properties of both. 


Notes:  Fly around and familiarize yourself with the guardian controls.  You can use the boost button to increase your speed.


Notes:  Use the guardian mode to fly through the beacons placed in and around the structures.  Each of the beacons will show up on your radar as green blips.


Notes:  Next, you will learn how to pick up items in guardian mode.  Fly towards each of the canisters and once the green icon surrounding the canister flashes, press the special action button to pick it up.  Fly the canister back to the landing zone outlined in green and press the special action button to drop the canister.  Repeat the process for the remaining three canisters. 


Notes:  The guardian is equipped with light missiles, which can be fired by pressing the secondary fire button.  You can lock onto multiple targets by holding down the secondary button and yellow targeting reticules will surround all the additional targets which you have locked on to.  Once you have destroyed four Destroid drones, training for the guardian has been completed.

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