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Location:  Airspace above Macross Island

Recommended Mecha:  VT-1D


Notes:  The fighter mode is the fastest of all the modes.  You can use your boost to increase your speed.  Pull the left and right triggers to bank in either direction.  If you push the boost button while banking, you will execute a barrel role.

Notes:  You can execute loops and half loops by moving down the left thumb stick and holding down the boost button.  You can execute a split 'S' by pulling both triggers and pulling back on the left thumb stick.

Notes:  The GU-11 cannon, unlike the other modes, only fires to the front.  Therefore you will have to maneuver the Veritech to line it up with the target.  The combat computer will place yellow cross hairs over the location where you should fire, the targeting computer automatically adjusts for target speed and time of flight for the projectiles.  The secondary weapon are heavy missiles which have a greater range and damage potential over the light missiles; although, they are less maneuverable.  Like the guardian mode, you can lock onto multiple targets by holding down the secondary button and yellow targeting reticules will surround additional targets.  The special action button launches decoys which will divert any incoming missiles to not only your mecha but nearby allied units as well. 

The first two drones will not fire at you, however the second pair will.  Once all four Veritech drones have been destroyed the fighter training has been successfully completed.

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