Last Updated11-August-2008

Updated or added over the last month:

  • Updated Article:  Random hit locations for the VM-9L "Light Silverback" (08/11/08)
  • New Article:  Random hit locations for the Invid and UEEG (08/10/08)
  • New Article:  Random hit locations for the Haydonites. (08/02/08)
  • New Section:  Yes, the first update in nearly two years.  I have finally included pictures of the Robotech:  Shadow Chronicles in the picture archive. (07/20/08)

To all Rogue Squadron members:  Congratulations on the last mission.  The next meeting in Boston, MA the week of 31-August 2008

Live in near Sykesville, Maryland?  GM looking for a new home.  I have moved and would like to find  new players to form the east coast Rogue Squadron (or any other name).  If you are interested please E-mail me at olsonk <at> robotechresearch<dot> com

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