Official Veritech Fighter Designations 

(Version 1.00 - Last updated: 02/28/01)  
Complied by Kenneth Olson
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I have complied the official veritech fighter designations.  I fully expect that this list will grow as adds additional veritechs in their data base; however, I felt that it would be of interest to fans of the Robotech RPG game to see a comprehensive list based of the official designations.  


Veritech Fighters

VF-1 "Valkyrie"
  VF-1A "Standard"
  VF-1D "Veritech Trainer"
  VF-1J "Officer's Veritech"
  VF-1S "Senior Officer's Veritech"
VF-5 "Condor"
VF-6 "Alpha"
  VF-6H "Blue Alpha / Officer's Alpha"
  VF-6I "Green Alpha / Standard Alpha"
  * VF-6S "Shadow Alpha"
  VF-6Z "Red Alpha / Aerial Combat Alpha"
VF-X-7 "Experimental Beta"
VF-8 "Logan"
VF-10 "AGAC Veritech"
VF-12 "Beta"
  VF-12A "Blue Beta / Standard Beta"
  * VF-12S "Shadow Beta"

There are several points of interest in the official designations.  First, is fact that they have  partially abandon the RPG naming convention for the alpha (VAF-6 C,J,R) and used original Mospeada AFC-01I (VAF-6R), AFC-01H (VAF-6H) and AFC-01Z (VAF-6J) for the model designations.  

There has been some discussion over the fact that they have changed the name of the VF-10 from the  the traditional name of the "AJACs" fighter to the VF-10 AGAC.  This name comes from the speech during which Commander Leonard introduces the new fighter as the  Armored Gyro Assault Copter or AGAC for short.  Although, throughout the Southern Cross the veritech appears to be informally referred to as the the AJACS.

There has been some discussion on what exactly is the VF-5 "Condor" as the fighter does not have its own entry in the Robotech Infopedia and it is only mentioned briefly in the Beta entry.

    "The Beta fighter was first tested as early as 2022 as the VF-X-7, but the tests were deemed a failure, and the Beta concept was shelved for over a decade, while the VF-5 Condor soldiered on as the Expeditionary Force's main strike plane"

Traditionally the Condor designation has been given to a non-transformable destroid that makes its appearance only briefly during Mospeada.  Perhaps, this mecha can actually transform thus providing it the VF designation.  Another possible theory is that the fighters that were deployed off of Carpenters' ship during the Second Robotech War are the VF-5 Condor.

The final point is the fact that the Beta fighter was not used during the Sentinels campaign.  The VF-12 Beta, according to the Robotech Infopedia, was only combat operational a few years before Mars Division launched their reclamation attempt on Earth.  This places the initial date of the Beta fighter some time around 2039-2040.  This date is somewhat curious because Scott finds a Beta fighter in the ruins of the point 'K' base.  The Robotech Infopedia furthermore places the point 'K' forces arriving at Earth sometime during 2031.  The next REF reinforcements do not arrive until September 2042 with the arrival of Mars Division.  Although, the Robotech Infopedia does mention that on September 15 2038:

"An Expeditionary Forces fleet launches an attack on Reflex Point in an operation known as the Earth Reclamation Mission. The attack against Reflex Point fails miserably, and the resistance takes heavy losses."

This statement is not clear on whether this attack was the result of new forces arriving from hyperspace or REF forces currently on Earth/Moon, as discussed in "Robotech:  Firewalkers".  This begs to ask the question, where did that particular beta fighter come from?    


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