History of Rogue Squadron


The history of this squadron has been one of astounding successes tempered by occasional failures.

One may say that the history of this squadron goes back to the end of the first Robotech War, which was when the squadron’s current commanding officer, Major David Olson, joined the RDF. At this time, he was paired with the late 1st Lt. Geoff Tyner, and a female Zentraedi warrior whose name cannot be found in records. They took part in many overt and covert operations for the RDF, and once the REF was formed, for them as well. RDF traitors who had seized control of a RDF base during the Malcontent Uprisings killed the afore-mentioned Zentraedi. She was killed in the successful operation to recapture this base. Both Major Olson and 1st Lt. Tyner left with the SDF-3 on its journey to Tirol. Unfortunately, 1st Lt. Tyner was killed in an attempted capture of a Robotech Factory Satellite. The factory satellite was captured, and all remaining squad members survived, but 1st Lt. Tyner will be sorely missed.

With the death of 1st Lt. Tyner, Major Olson was without any consistent squad members for several years. His squad was successful in helping to end the Invid threat on Galitizin, and several other strategically important worlds. Then the Major became paired with Sgt. Zen, a destroid pilot. In the campaign to take the Westover system, Major (then 1st Lt.) Olson commanded the mecha forces on the Garfish Class Valley Forge in a cooperative effort with the Garfish Death’s Hand in the advanced assault. This initial assault ended in the loss of the Death’s Hand and all aboard, but resulted in the destruction of the primary Invid hive on the third planet, and the discovery of an Invid Pursuer spacecraft being constructed on that planet’s moon. The Valley Forge was then forced to flee towards the outer systems to avoid Invid pursuit. During the Valley Forge’s flight, an Invid All Terrain Assault Carrier’s main laser struck it. This blast destroyed the fore-section of the ship. The Valley Forge was repaired in the field with the fore-section of the destroyed Garfish Class Tellahoma. Major Olson’s veritech squadrons eventually took a semi-abandoned Robotech Master’s base on Kendall, one of Westover’s outer planets, and used this as its base of operations for the remainder of the Westover campaign. Eventually, after a series of hit-and-run attacks by Major Olson’s forces, the Invid’s attention was drawn to Kendall. The main gun on the captured Robotech Master’s base had been repaired, and Major Olson and his forces were able to repel the Invid for a time. The Invid struck with a force too large to repel shortly before the Major’s reinforcements were to arrive. While the remainder of his personnel escaped and hid in various locations, Major Olson and Sgt. Dead Sucker II Jr. drew a small portion of the Invid’s force away from where their personnel were positioned. This tactic led to the destruction of the Valley Forge, but the Valley Forge’s personnel were saved.

After the Westover campaign, Major (then Cpt.) Olson’s attention was drawn to one of his privates, the late Sgt. John Whitehawk, and he remained assigned to the Major’s squadron when the rest were assigned to various posts.

Soon after Sgt. Whitehawk became a permanent member of Major Olson’s squad a Cyclone pilot, Jensen Brent, was also assigned to him along with a weapons specialist, Nathan Forrest. Major Olson, Sgt. Whitehawk, and Sgt. Brent participated in many small missions, and several operations of higher importance when they were assigned, along with Pvt. Steve "The Blade" Steel to an operation on the planet Exford. This planet was of major importance to the Invid, because it accounted for fully 20% of their Flowers of Life production. At the start of this campaign, Major Olson’s squadron finally has a recorded name: The Eagle’s Talons. Exford was teeming with Invid forces, but the Eagle’s Talons were successful in penetrating the Invid’s defense perimeters and were able to destroy all of the Invid’s primary protoculture farms and several Invid hives. At the end of this mission, the Eagle’s Talons had lost their newest member, Pvt. Steel, but acquired a new member, Pvt. Alek Halvord.

The Eagle’s Talons were then assigned to a mission that was arguably one of the most vital importance to the REF. The Eagle’s Talons were assigned to eliminate the threat of the Invid’s space hive, code-named "Red Moon". This fortress is the size of a small moon, and can carry over one million Invid mecha, not including capital ships. In order to survive, and to strike a telling blow against the Invid Regent, the Eagle’s Talons needed to perform virtually flawlessly… they did. The mission went very smoothly, and the Red Moon’s power core’s structural integrity was compromised by several flights of reflex/nuclear warheads. The Eagle’s Talons managed to escape the Red Moon’s destruction and get retrieved by REF forces, however Major Olson was forced to leave his experimental VF-2V due to lack of reaction mass in order to get to the retrieval point.

The Eagle’s Talons then proceeded to Earth along with Major Carpenter’s expeditionary force. The squadron managed to escape the destruction of Carpenter’s force as well, and was transferred to RDF Headquarters, Yellowstone base. The Eagle’s Talons were then assigned to South America due to rising worries over the Zentraedi Control Zone. During a seemingly routine patrol, the squadron ran into an experienced group of Zentraedi rebels, and was essentially destroyed; Sgt. Brent was killed, and now Lt. Halvord was captured. Major Olson managed to escape the Zentraedi, and attributes it to Sgt. Brent’s courage under fire. We must take the Major’s word for what transpired, because all the mecha lost were immediately scavenged by the Zentraedi, and therefore no flight information could be recovered. Sgt. Whitehawk escaped injury or perhaps death in that ill-fated skirmish because he was grounded due to health issues. After Sgt. Brent’s death, the fates seemed to be against the Eagle’s Talons, as the next several missions undertaken by the group were major failures, and contributed to the current situation with the Zentraedi in South America. The failed missions also resulted in the untimely death of Sgt. Whitehawk, as a RDF traitor piloting an experimental "Stealth" Gladiator shot him down.

It was after the death of Sgt. Whitehawk that the Eagle’s Talons changed their name to The Knights of Avalon. This name lasted for only one mission. With the newest additions to the squadron, Sgts. Milo Bloom, Tiffany Adkins, Daran Solarian, and Charles Doane, the name didn’t seem to fit. Sgt. Bloom’s record of numerous bar-room brawls, insubordination, and occasional violation of orders (and subsequent demotions), along with Sgt. Doane’s tendency towards violence as well made Rogue Squadron the perfect choice. It has been noted by many high ranking officers when asked about the squadron’s current disposition that several of its members may have been drummed out of the corps in several instances if not for their significant combat prowess, and Major Olson’s tempering influence.

Rogue Squadron was assigned to many smaller missions, and eventually was chosen to investigate the apparent defection of Major Zara, a female Zentraedi. Rogue squadron’s first large campaign under its new name went as well as was expected, but Major Zara was not apprehended. The squadron was then sent back to South America (to Manaus, the Zentraedi capitol) in an attempt to locate Zara and capture her. Barring this, they were to at least destroy the facility in the city that was believed to be producing advanced Zentraedi mecha. Again, this mission was termed a success, as the mecha facility was destroyed, but Zara remains at large, and Rogue squadron lost Sgt. Doane. However, Rogue squadron did manage to rescue the previously captured Lt. Halvord.

After the Manaus mission, the Rogue Squadron was attached to many naval operations staged against the Robotech Masters by General Lennard. All of these missions were failures, but Rogue Squadron performed admirably. Now we have reached the present day, and Rogue Squadron is again assigned to South America. We cannot now get an up-to-date report on the squad’s missions due to security reasons, but it is rumored that they are still in pursuit of the renegade Major Zara.

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