Milo Bloom

(7th Level GMP Operative, 4th Level Urban Specialist)

(version 1.00  11/30/98)

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"You’re putting me on trial for what!?"

Milo Bloom - Under an insubordination charge

The story of Milo Bloom is one that is hard to track. During and after his military career the activities of this man have been hard to follow. Entering the ranks of the Global Military Police at the age of nineteen he spent his time at basic well and graduated at the top of his class. His scores qualified him for O.C.S. after graduation but due to some rather unfair disciplinary action he was disqualified. The powers that be then decided to send him through the RDF flight and officers academy to monitor RDF activities. After his second and rather normal graduation he was assigned to the infamous Rogue Squadron and was stationed outside the Zentradi Control Zone. Flying many missions undercover as a member of the RDF he was accepted into the ranks as a member of the team. It wasn’t until the squadron was placed aboard an armored space platform to do reconnaissance in deep space that some doubts were raised about his allegiance. RDF Intelligence believes that it was Bloom who caused the damage that forced the ship to re-dock and call on the help of a Southern Cross repair team. Due to some investigative work by the then Captain Olson, Second Lt. Bloom was forced to abandon ship when the vessel reached earth orbit.

"You’re sending me where? You’ve got to be dry humping me!"

On receiving shipping orders for the Dark Continent

At this point Sgt. Bloom once was again a formal member of the GMP and was stationed in northern Africa as part of an intelligence team. While there he mostly worked on developing contacts and keeping out of trouble. But once again who should show up but the Rogue Squadron. Now Bloom was attached as a liaison to RDF operations and went on several missions with Captain Olson and his squad.

"Indefinitely? With these Yahoos? Blow it out your #*% !"

Previous to a second insubordination charge

At this point the GMP and RDF, for reasons unclear, decided to indefinitely attach Sgt. Bloom to the Rogue Squadron. While not fully trusted by the group, he became an invaluable member because of his extensive network of contacts and impressive combat skills. The next few months saw action in Indo-China, South America and parts of EBSIS territory. Even though the results of every one of the espionage missions Bloom led both for the RDF and GMP were brilliant successes, the promotions and commendations he had earned never came.

"I’m not sure you can afford my services"

After leading a flight of EBSIS veritechs to the rescue of the Rogue Squadron in the heat of battle. 

While stationed in South America Bloom dissapeared with out a trace, taking with him an old VF-1 Veritech. He was not seen again until the final battle against the Robotech Masters in space leading a flight of Blue Max EBSIS fighters to the defense of the Rogue Squadron. At this time it was found out that Milo had become an independent agent and was up for hire. The RDF investigated both Bloom disappearance and that of the VF but could not find substantial enough evidence to charge him with treason. At this point the RDF, to keep an eye on him, for a lucrative contract hired him. As it stands now Milo is once again attached to the Rogues and is stationed in Africa. Bloom was flying a customized EBSIS Blue Max renamed the "Blue Milo" and a Saber Cyclone. Now somehow he laid his hands on a Zentradi Experimental Battloid.

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