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Background Information from Robotech Technical Files 
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z-1.gif (23056 bytes)When it left Earth, nearly a tenth of the Robotech Expeditionary Force was comprised of Zentraedi warriors. Because all of these had been micronized to allow for a longer life-support supply than could otherwise have been the case, and also because the flimsy armor on their battle pods was unacceptable to their new human allies and friends, the old Zentraedi mecha could no longer be used by those warriors.

The simplest solution would be to issue human mecha to the Zentraedi, and while this was done for the Fighter and Power Armor pilots, who were issued veritechs, the Zentraedi refused to take delivery of the new REF Excalibur, Gladiator and Catapult Destroids, not to mention the older UNDF Tomahawk, Defender and Spartan models. As the Zentraedi leader Breetai put it, these mecha were not optimized for the Zentraedi tactics; they featured too much of a different design philosophy to really suit his warriors. He then proposed that the UNDF/REF would adapt their old Battle Pods to micronized pilots, as well as to take the opportunity to up-armor the old mecha. Naturally, the UNDF/REF was not so enthusiastic about this plan, but Breetai pressed on, stressing that the Zentraedi had always, and with success, fought in very fast, mobile, and heavily armed mecha, and that the Destroid series simply had too much accent on armor and survivability to possess the same characteristics. Breetai also pointed out that while the Destroids might have sufficient firepower available, the Zentraedi were more used to the direct-fire particle beam armament than to the UNDF's large projectile weapons.

The REF planners then gave in to Breetai, and had several development groups design the mecha the Zentraedi wished. Those began with an examination of the efficacy of the Tactical Battle Pod's armament. This analysis showed that the main particle beams were easily the most used weapons, with the auto-cannon only being used when firing at many 'soft' targets, like cars and people. The anti-aircraft lasers were so weak they were hardly ever fired at all. Their first proposal was then for a mecha with two 10 MJ particle beams on top, and two (more powerful than before) anti-aircraft lasers on the back. Unlike the Regult, this design also featured arms and hands, because this made the mecha far more versatile, and also made additional hand held weapon pods possible. When submitting his proposals to Breetai, however, the Zentraedi leader suggested that the auto-cannons be retained after all, because the REF mission, should it enter combat, would be certain to be vastly outnumbered, and the idea of an integral back-up weapon system was comforting in this light. However, because of the mediocre performance of the Zentraedi standard light 22.3mm AC-L autocannon, the engineers installed two GU-14 35mm single barrel cannons in their place. These cannons would use the same caseless ammunition as the GU-13, which also made their inclusion a sound logistical decision.

Especially because of the improved armor, this design was greeted with enthusiasm by the Zentraedi warriors. Two-thirds of the Zentraedi ground mecha in the REF consisted of Z1 Battle Pods. This mecha served everywhere the REF went, and completely justified Breetai's insistence on mecha with the Zentraedi battle-philosophy in mind. These mecha were often used as flank mecha or recon mecha for the ground forces, because the human Destroids could not generate the speed and mobility needed for these jobs. The quantity of fire the Z1 could sustain also compared favorably with the human Destroids, and although this was a primarily Zentraedi mecha, some human pilots took to piloting these craft.


Vehicle Type: One man, all weather ground and space combat mecha
Class: Destroid
Manufacturer: Robotech Expeditionary Forces
Crew: One pilot wearing Tactical Life Support System.


Location Z1
Top-Mounted Particle Beams (2) 75 each
Rear Lasers (2) 30 each
Front Auto Cannons (2) 50 each
Upper Arms (2) 50 each
Forearms (2) 75 each
Hands (2) 30 each
Legs (2) 150 each
Rear Engine Thrusters (2) 100 each
(1) Sensor Eye 50
(2) Main Body 225
Reinforced Pilot's Compartment 150


  1. Destroying the sensor eye of the Z1 will knock out the mecha's major sensor systems, including all of the optics systems (infrared, nightvision, thermal). Radar and communications will be unaffected.
  2. Depleting the MDC of the main body will destroy the mecha.


140 kph
70 meters without thrusters.
300 kph
2 x Pratt & Whitney ZBPT-1 vectorable reaction thruster with an output of 130 kN. fusion plasma-air/reaction mass intermix turbines in the legs.
Assorted maneuvering thrusters.


18.7 metric tons
Equal to a P.S. of 60
Small compartment behind pilot's seat for personal belongings in addition to the cyclone storage compartment
2 x RRL-1P Miniaturized Protoculture-cell energizer
16 standard canisters of Protoculture
200 liters of  D2O reactant for fusion engines.
Delta V:


  1. 2x RRG PBC-15 PARTICLE BEAM CANNONS: are mounted on top of the Battle Pod.   Each can rotate over 140 degrees of arc and elevate over -15/+65 degrees of arc.   Each cannon draws power directly from the main protoculture generator, thus giving them effectively unlimited ammunition.  Each cannon fires beams of 10 MJ up to 50 times a minute; however twice as many shots many be fired at 1/2 the power setting, divide damage by 1/2.


  2. 2x COLT E-19A LASER CANNONS: are located in the back of the Z1.  Each laser cannon can fire 4.5 MJ pulses every 1.5 seconds, 10 times per melee.  These weapons are designed to protect the mecha from attacks from the rear.


  3. 2 x GU-14 SINGLE-BARRELED 35MM GUN POD (VBF-9A, 9T and VBE-9A): located in a chin mount.  Each cannon can rotate 100 degrees to the left and the right and elevate form -130 to +60 degrees.  They fire 500 rounds per minute.  Each cannon can store up to 800 rounds, but usually only carried 450 rounds per cannon.  Ammunition is a mix of Tungsten-coated depleted Uranium Armor Piercing Spin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot (APSSDS), High Explosive Armor Piercing (HEAP) and tracer rounds. 
  4. OPTIONAL HAND HELD: 1xMM-12: a hand held four tube launcher with 3 short range missiles per tube for a total of 12 short range missiles.


  5. OPTIONAL: 1 x GU-13 THREE-BARRELED 35MM GUN POD: firing 2000 rounds per minute, 600 round capacity stored in the pod itself and in anon-detachable 'clip'.  This weapon was most common on the earlier models of the Z1 from 2017 until 2035


  6. OPTIONAL 1 x EU-13 THREE-BARRELED 80MM PARTICLE GUN POD: Can fire 170 rounds per minute in full automatic mode, also capable of firing all three barrels simultaneously in semiautomatic mode at approximately one shot per second.  This weapon fires 3.2 MJ pulses per barrel with its own dedicated protoculture cell and capacitor banks in the 'clip'.  This weapon, built into an external shell identical to that of th GU-13, was developed in 2032 by the REF, but did not see wide use until 2037.  By 2041, the EP-13 had almost completely replaced the GU-13 as the main cannon of the Z1  in the REF's inventory.


  7. HAND TO HAND COMBAT: If necessary, the Z1 can engage in melee combat rather than use a weapon. The Z1 is extremely agile and can execute most typical hand to hand combat moves, such as punches, jump kicks, leap attacks, rolling with impacts, etc.




Random Hit Locations

When there is an equal chance of hitting both sides from 1d6

When there is a preferred side, roll 1d10


REF Tactical Battle Pod






Top Particle Beam Cannons (Main Body)

01-07 01-05 01-07 01-15 01-10

Rear Lasers (Main Body)

- 06-20 08-12 16-25 11-15

Front Auto Cannons (Main Body)

08-15 21-23 13-18 26-27 16-20

Upper Arms (Main Body)

16-22 24-30 19-24 28-35 21-25

Forearms (Upper Arms)

23-30 31-42 25-35 36-45 26-35
Hands (Forearms) 31-33 43-45 36-38 46-47 36-40

Legs (Main Body)

34-53 46-60 39-50 48-55 41-70
Rear Engine Thrusters (Main Body) - 61-75 51-55 56-60 71-75
Sensor Eye (Main Body) 54-55 - 56 61-63 76
Main Body (Pilot's Compartment) 56-00 76-00 57-00 64-00 77-00
Pilot's Compartment - - - - -


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