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Background and RPG Statistics by Kenneth Olson
Based on a design introduced in Robotech Invasion


The Destablizer Tank was a experimental hovertank produced by Dr. Osmund, formally of the Advanced Robotech Center on Tirol, during the closing days of the 3rd Robotech War.  Approximately 50% of the components on the vehicle were scavenged from destroyed VFB-9 "Beta" fighters including most of the main body and the two Pratt and Whitney JG-102 thrusters mounted on the rear of the unit.  The vehicle is nominally manned with a crew of three (commander, gunner, and driver), but can function with a single operator functioning as both driver and gunner albeit at much reduced combat capabilities.  In addition to the crew, the tank can hold up to 12 troops and their associated equipment, or half than number of Cyclone riders, in a forward troop bay.  The vehicle could be air dropped to reinforce forward deployed units, as its thrusters are capable of slowing decent of the Destablizer Tank, but do not provide the tank with full flight capabilities.  

The Destablizer Tank's primary armament consist of three turret mounted EU-17 Destablizer cannons.  The turret is capable of traversing a full 360 degree azimuth from -10 to +90 degrees in elevation.  The EU-17 is an up scaled version of the EU-12 Destablizer found on the VF-2V "Vindicator".  Each cannon draws power directly from the main Protoculture energizers and fires sub-nuclear particles with a maximum beam output of 25 MJ per blast.  The particles are tuned to have a specific, disrupting effect on force fields.  A single blast will short out a low power force field (less than 100 MDC in strength), while high power fields may locally cease to function.  In addition to the turret mounted Destablizer cannons, the vehicle mounts two EU-14s.  Each EU-14 fires 2.4 MJ pulses per barrel and can fire in either full automatic mode or all three barrels simultaneously.  The placement of the EU-14 limits their field of fire to 240 degrees in azimuth and up to 45 degrees in elevation.  This means that each cannon can only fire in the 240 degree azimuth sector away from the main body of the vehicle

As the Destablizer Tank does not have the need to transform nor maintain flight, all of the associated equipment has been removed and much of the saved space is devoted to a significant increase in armor protection.  As on the Beta Fighter, the Destablizer Tank is armored with a low-mass composite Chobham plating.  The armor provides immunity to all small arms fire and good resistance for rounds up to 55mm in caliber.  The unit can only be destroyed by multiple hits from heavy class anti-mecha weaponry.  In addition to retaining the armor and body shape of the VFB-9 "Beta", the Destablizer Tank keeps most of the sensors including the short range X-band target acquisition radar to aid in targeting airborne targets at ranges of less than 50 km.

Only a single prototype Destablizer Tank was developed by Dr. Osmund at the end of the Third Robotech War.  Dr. Osmund developed the vehicle as his attempt to build a unit which could force its way into Reflex Point and end the 3rd Robotech War.  Unfortunately, the vehicle which he spent nearly 16 months developing was only deployed on two occasion in July 2044 during the concluding days of the Invid's occupation of the Earth.  The Destablizer Tank's first trial by combat occurred in defense of the small village of Haven, approximately 100 km from Reflex Point.  During the battle, the tank was able to destroy nearly 20 Invid without suffering any critical damage but Dr. Osmund left the safety of the Tank and was immobilized.  The second, and final, engagement with the tank took place not against Invid forces but against follow REF resistance fighters during which time Dr. Osmund was trying to reacquire a Cyclone sized proto-type Destablizer cannon.  The Destablizer tank was immobilized during the fight and instead of surrendering, Dr. Osmund destroyed the tank killing himself in the process.  With such a spotty combat record, one might assume that the Destablizer Tank was a complete failure; however, if the unit had been mass produced for the REF it could have been a powerful infantry support weapon. 


Vehicle Type: Destablizer Tank
Class: Combat Hover Tank
Manufacturer: Osmund Experimental Labs
Crew: 3 (Commander in turret right rear, Gunner in turret left, Driver in hull front) and up to 6 Cyclone riders or 12 troops can be carried in the forward combat bays
Service History:  Dr Osmund REF resistance group for approximately 2 weeks at the conclusion of the Third Robotech War (July 2044)


Location Destablizer Tank
Turret 250
Destablizer Cannons (3) 100 each
Forward Combat Bay Doors (3) 100 each
* Forward Combat Bay  300
Aft Thrusters (2) 75 each
Lower Supports (3) 50 each
Bottom Thrusters (5) 35 each
** Main Body 600
Reinforced Pilots Compartment 200
  1. * Depleting the MDC of the forward combat bays will expose any troops within directly to enemy fire
  2. ** Destruction of the Main Body will immobilize the unit.


Road: 200 kph governed / 300 kph with boosters
Cross-Country: 120 kph / 200 kph with boosters
10-deg upslope: 100 kph
60-deg upslope: 80 kph
0-60 kph:  6.0 / 3.0 seconds with booster augmentation
Vertical:  4.0 m
Trench: 8.0 m
Acceleration:  1.2g  (although rarely used in space)
Delta V:  0.4 kps with 500 kg of D20 stored internally


12.3 m
8.5 m
Main Body: 4.6 m
Top of Turret:  6.2 m
1.2 m
60,000 kg empty 
72,500 kg with combat load
Forward combat bay with enough room for 12 soldiers with equipment or 6 Cyclone riders
4x RRL-2P Miniaturized Protoculture-cell energizers
[Main]  2x PRATT & WHITNEY JG102 FUSION PLASMA-AIR/REACTION MASS INTERMIX TURBINES:  Two JG102A engines are retained from the basic VFB-9 design.  Each thruster on the rear has a maximum thrust of 356 kN with a specific impulse of 5000 sec.
[Auxiliary] 5x PRATT & WHITNEY HJ-800:  Five hover jets are mounted on the underside of the Destablizer Tank.  Each thruster can provide up to 75 kN of ground-effect thrust 
16 standard canisters of Protoculture


  1. 3x EU-17 DESTABLIZER:  The EU-17 is an up scaled version of the EU-12 Destablizer found on the VF-2V "Vindicator".  Each cannon fires sub-nuclear particles with a maximum beam output of 25 MJ.  The EU-17 Destablizer draws power directly from the main Protoculture energizers.  The particles are tuned to have a specific, disrupting effect on force fields.  A single blast will short out a low power force field (less than 100 MDC in strength), while high power fields may locally cease to function. 


  2. 2 x EU-14 THREE-BARRELED 80MM PARTICLE GUN POD: Two EU-14 cannons are mounted on either side of the Destablizer Tank.  Each cannon can fire 170 rounds per minute in full automatic mode or fire all three barrels simultaneously in semiautomatic mode at approximately one shot per second.  This weapon fires 2.4 MJ pulses per barrel in each mode, drawing power from the vehicle's main energizer.  This gun is the carbine version of the EP-13 gun pod in the later model Alphas.  However due to its smaller size, its energy and range are appreciably reduced.  This weapon was developed around 2035 and started being widely deployed in 2039. 


  3. HAND TO HAND COMBAT:.  As a vehicle the Destablizer Tank can not engage in physical combat as a mecha can.  However, the vehicle can ram or crush items in its path. 



Random Hit Locations

When there is an equal chance of hitting both sides from 1D6

When there is a preferred side, roll 1D10

Destablizer Tank






Turret (Main Body) 01-30 01-40 01-25 01-40 -
Destablizer Cannon (Turret) 31-40 41-45 26-35 41-55 -
Forward Combat Bay Doors (Combat Bay) 41-55 - 36-40 56-60 01-10
*Aft Thrusters (Main Body) - 46-65 41-45 61-65 11-25
Lower Supports (Main Body) 56-60 66-70 46-50 - 26-35
Bottom Thrusters (Main Body) - 71-75 51-55 - 36-50
Main Body (Pilot's Compartment) 61-00 76-95 56-95 66-90 51-80
Pilot's Compartment - 96-00 96-00 91-00 81-00
* Will raise into the Main Body 15 seconds after startup 


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