TRans-EArth Deployment (TREAD) VF-6 Booster

(Version 1.00 - Last updated: 02/17/04)
Background and RPG Statistics by Kenneth Olson
Based on an original mecha in Artmic Design Works (pg 15)
Animedia Genesis Climber Mospeada Color Graffiti (pg 117)


With the introduction of the VF-6 “Alpha” fighter in 2019, the Earth Defense Forces had a formidable fighter to replace the aging VF-1 and VF-4 series of veritechs.  The single weakness to the VF-6 was its lack of onboard fuel for spaceborne operations.  In order to rectify this problem the United Earth Government, ordered several booster concepts which would attach to the rear of the VF-6 and provide additional fuel and firepower while the unit was in space.  Several design concepts were considered; however, the most promising was the TRans-EArth Deployment (TREAD) booster which attaches directly to the rear of the  VF-6 and could boost the mecha into orbit.  The early production designs of the TREAD were little more than an upscale booster with aerodynamic shaping and lift surfaces (see pre-production picture) and without any onboard weaponry.  The TREAD booster program was eventually merged with the VF-X-7 heavy assault variable fighter program; unfortunately, two years of testing proved that the technology for the VF-X-7 “Beta” fighter was still premature and the project was canceled and the TREAD booster-only concept was revived.

The newly revived TREAD program took many of its design features from the cancelled VF-X-7 program, such as the two onboard DD-16 multi-missile systems and the three massive Pratt & Whitney JG100A Fusion plasma-air/reaction mass intermix turbines mounted on the rear of unit.  The basic shape of the TREAD booster was also borrowed from the "Beta"; however, the surface area of the wings were increased to improve the aerodynamic characteristics of the booster while attached with an VF-6 fighter.  The new TREAD design, like the Beta Fighter, allows the VF-6 to transform into battloid mode while attached to the booster.  By 2022 approximately 400 TREAD units had been completed; however, the cost of producing a TREAD proved to be extremely high as the booster itself was as complicated as some contemporary space superiority fighters, albeit still less than a fully transformable veritech fighter. 

As most of the TREAD units were to be deployed with the Robotech Expeditionary Forces (REF), the remaining Earth based Armies of the Southern Cross (ASC) and Robotech Defense Forces (RDF) still needed a space booster which could raise operational range of the VF-6 to near that of the VF-1 and VF-4 units which were rapidly reaching the end of their operational lifetime and in desperate need of replacement.  The ASC was so disappointed with the range of the VF-6 and lack of an immediate inexpensive booster alternative that they decided in 2022 to develop their own series of veritechs and deploy ASC VF-6 “Alphas” in atmospheric operations only, placing the remaining squadrons in reserve by 2028. 

Meanwhile in deep space, the REF would use the TREAD to increase the combat range and firepower of its VF-6 veritech fighters.  As the number of TREAD boosters were limited, only REF deep-space reconnaissance and special forces were normally assigned the TREAD booster units as normally  REF capital ships would transport their VF-6 combat troops and engage the Invid in either low orbit or within several hundred kilometers of the REF fleet.  Although the TREAD booster only saw limited combat action during its two decades of combat service, most VF-6 pilots gave the TREAD high ratings as it substantially increased their range and firepower.  The TREAD continued to serve for another five years after the introduction of the VFB-9 "Beta" in 2039, as military planners felt that the booster provided similar performance improvements while attached to an alpha fighter at a far cheaper price and without the need to endanger a second pilot.


Vehicle Type:  TRans-EArth Deployment (TREAD) Booster
Class:  VFA-6 "Alpha" Fighter Booster
Manufacturer:   Earth Defense Forces and Robotech Expeditionary Forces
Crew:  None
Service History: 
Served with the RDF Spacy and the Southern Cross Tactical Forces from 2020 until the Invid Invasion of 2031 and with the Robotech Expeditionary Forces from 2020 onward.


Location TREAD
DD-61 Retractable Missile Bays (2) 150
Wings (2) 100
Bomb Bay 175
Rear Thrusters (3) 75
(1) Main Body 325


  1. Depleting the MDC of the main body will destroy the TREAD and the booster will violently explode.  If the VF-6 main computer is functioning it will automatically eject the booster; however, if it is not the pilot has 5 seconds to eject the damaged unit or the mecha will take 2D6*100 MDC.



FLYING: At sea level / at 15 km (used only to boost VF-6 into orbit)
250 kph / 1820 kph
Initial climb rate : over 20,000m per minute
Service ceiling : The TREAD can boost the VFA-6 into orbit around Terran standard planets
+12.0/-6.5 (Computer overrides at 9.5g)
21.5 kps (in addition to delta-v on board VFA-6)
25.7 kps with 8,000 kg of D20 in bomb bay instead of weapons
Drop Tanks will provide an additional deltav of:


6.1 m (fighter)
19.5 m wingspan
9.7 m (fighter)
18,000 kg (dry)
39,850 kg (with reaction mass and full weapons compliment)
Equal to a P.S. of 60
Up to 8,000 kg of equipment can be stored in the bomb bay instead of weapons
RRL-2D Miniaturized protoculture-cell energizer
[Main] 3 x Pratt & Whitney JG100A Fusion plasma-air/reaction mass intermix turbines. Max thrust, 356 kN of static thrust (400 kN augmented) in the atmosphere or 356 kN using internal reaction mass in space (specific impulse of 4125 sec).
[Auxiliary] 4 x Turbo-Union ATF-401 miniaturized fusion plasma-air/reaction mass intermix ramjets. Engines are mounted in pairs near the elbow joint of the arm for VTOL operations in jet mode.  Each engine is rated to 46.9 kN standard thrust, max overboost to 91.1 kN each
24 standard canisters of protoculture
30,000 liters of D20 for reaction mass
(Optional) 8,000 liters of D20 in bomb bay instead of weapons


  1. 2 x DD-16 MULTIMISSILE SYSTEM:  Located on the ventral side of the TREAD are two pop-up DD-32 short range Coralsnake launchers.   Each carries eight missiles in ready position with one reload of eight missiles.  These missiles can fire from the TREAD while the VF-6 is either in battloid or fighter configuration..

  2. UNDERWING ORDNANCE:  Similar to the Beta fighter, three hardpoints are mounted on either wing of the TREAD boosters.  Weapons can only be placed for spaceborne operations as the placement of weapons affects the aerodynamics of the mecha drastically in the atmospheric flight.  Available payloads include, but are not limited to the following:

  3. WEAPONS BAY: The TREAD can carry a nominal load of 4,000 kg of ordnance; however up to 8,000 kg may be loaded double the existing loading.

  4. 2 x AN/ALE-55 CHAFF/FLARE DECOY DISPENSERS: Two chaff flare decoy dispensers are located on the rear of the TREAD booster.  The type and number of each decoy is triggered manually by the pilot.


Random Hit Locations

When there is an equal chance of hitting both sides from 1D6

When there is a preferred side, roll 1D10

Alpha (Battloid)  with TREAD






Head (Main Body) 01-03 01-02 01-02 01-06 -
Sensor Head (Main Body) 04-06 03-04 03-04 07-11 -
Hands (Forearms) 07-10 05-06 05 12-13 01-02
Forearms (Shoulders) 11-18 07-11 06-12 14-17 03-08
Shoulders (Main Body) 19-24 12-14 13-17 18-21 09
Upper Legs (Main Body) 25-30 15-17 18-21 - 10-11
Lower Legs (Upper Legs) 31-48 18-27 22-27 22-23 12-26
Wings (Main Body) - 28-32 28 24 27-28
Tail (Main Body) - - - - -
Main Body 49-69 33-40 29-39 29-42 29-34
Pilot's Compartment 70-71 41-42 40-42 43-44 35-37
Gun Pod (Hands) 72-75 43-45 43-45 45-46 38-41
TREAD Missile Pod (Main Body) 76-80 46-50 46-55 47-55 42-47
TREAD Wings  (Main Body) 81-90 51-60 56-65 56-62 48-60
TREAD Bomb Bay (Main Body) - - - - 61-70
TREAD Thruster  (Main Body) 91-92 61-80 66-70 63-70 71-75
TREAD Main Body (Alpha Main Body) 93-00 81-00 71-00 71-00 76-00


Alpha (Fighter)  with TREAD






Head (Main Body) 01-02 - 01 - 01-02
Sensor Head (Main Body) - - - - -
Hands (Forearms) - - - - -
Forearms (Shoulders) 03-05 01-03 02-08 01-08 -
Shoulders (Main Body) 06-18 04-06 09-14 09-12 -
Upper Legs (Main Body) 19-23 07-12 15-18 - 03-06
Lower Legs (Upper Legs) 24-26 13-16 19-24 - 07-14
Wings (Main Body) 27-29 17-22 26-30 13-22 15-24
Tail (Main Body) - - - -
Main Body 30-35 23-30 31-38 23-30 25-31
Pilot's Compartment 36-45 31-34 39-45 31-40 32-39
Gun Pod (Hands) 46-48 35-37 46-48 - 40-41
TREAD Missile Pod (Main Body) 49-60 38-45 49-58 41-50 42-49
TREAD Wings  (Main Body) 61-70 46-60 59-68 51-75 50-74
TREAD Bomb Bay (Main Body) - - - - 75-80
TREAD Thruster  (Main Body) 71-75 61-85 69-75 76-80 81-85
TREAD Main Body (Alpha Main Body) 76-00 86-00 76-00 81-00 86-00


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