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RPG Stats and Background by Kenneth Olson
Based off an original design presented in Macross DYRL Sega Source Book
Background Information derived from Robotech Technical Files


As the battle against the Invid and the internal rebellion of the Disciples of Zor (DoZ) weakened the Robotech Empire from within, the Masters came to the conclusion that they were relying too heavily on their genetically created Zentraedi warriors. A radical new approach to the conflict with the Invid and DoZ was needed. The Masters' weapon scientist decided to abandon the organic element totally and rely on inorganic automated systems. After the relative success of the Zentraedi Automated Drone, code named "Mite" by the RDF, engineers turned towards building an automated capital ship.

The automated gunship free of the necessity for large systems to keep organic units functioning could posses the firepower of a much larger capital ship in a much smaller frame. The ship is fully automated and functions with the most advanced AI system available to the Masters at that time, later models would be included in the automated Robotech Factories (see Return of the Masters). To aid the AI in combat awareness, and advanced target recognition sensor package was included in the center of the vessel. Every 45 seconds the unit opens up its interior and takes a 360 degree scan of the surrounding battlefield for 10 seconds. During this time all the external anti-ship particle beam cannons can not fire; however, the anti-mecha laser and missile batteries are still capable of dealing with any threats. After the scan is completed, the vessel closes and the unit continues to function normally. The sensor was capable of tracking up to 2000 targets simultaneously and can instantaneously located hyperspace folds out to 25 light years.

The automated gun platform was designed to protect high value assets from strikes by the Invid or DoZ forces. As a result, the propulsion system is somewhat lacking. Eight anti-gravity propulsion units, which are visible during the scan, provide a limited thrust while the vessel is in combat. They are most effective near planetary bodies or larger capital ships providing a maximum of 0.25g of acceleration. A standard sub light engine was provided to move the platform within a planetary system; however, no fold engines were provided. Designers felt that the units would be deployed either with fold capable ships or they would be protecting planetary systems and thus would not need the capability.

The vessels has a impressive number and quantity of weapons. Two anti-ship particle beam cannons are mounted on the top and bottom of the craft. Each of weapon can fire 200 MJ bursts every 7 seconds out to a maximum range of 300,000 kilometers. Twenty-Four external laser turrets are mounted on the external hull. Sixteen are mounted on top and eight on the bottom. All are capable of traversing a 360 degree azimuthal sector; however, a maximum of 14 cannons could be trained at a single target at any given time. Six externally mounted and 4 internally mounted, used only during the 10 second sensor scan, are mounted for point defense.

A total of 14 units were created before the fall of the Robotech Empire and all were deployed with Dozla's main battle fleet. Ten of the units were assigned to protect the the Dozla's command ship with the remaining four assigned to protect the senior sector fleet commanders. The units proved themselves highly effective against mecha units; however, as was often the case once the gun platform was engaged mecha commanders would request fire support from Earth Defense Force ships. One or two shots from the large particle beam cannons or a single reactive weapon would destroy the unit. All the 14 units were destroyed during at the end of the First Robotech War; however, the Masters were so impressed by the design that they released that sufficiently advanced AI could control large ships that they began to investigate the possibility of placing them in a new class of advanced Robotech Factories (see Return of the Masters).


Vehicle Type: Zentraedi Automated Drone
Class: Unmanned Capital Ship
Manufacturer: Robotech Masters
Crew: None.




Particle Beam Cannons(2) 250 each
Laser Turrets (24) 100 each
Missile Launchers (10) 100 each
Airlock Access Hatches (2) 50 each
Hull per 40 ft 60
Hull per 500 ft 750
* Main Body  10,000
Sub-Light Drive 1,000
Anti-gravity Engines (8) 500 each
** Sensor Eye  200


  1. * Destroying the MDC of the main body will destroy the unit
  2. ** Destroying the sensor eye of the Mushroom will destroy the units major sensor systems, including all of the optical and radar systems.  Communications will be unaffected and other units are able to cue the unit to the positions of enemy units.  Attacks are effected and the Hopper will be at a -6 to strike. 
Max Linear Acceleration Space:  0.25 g near planetary bodies with anti-gravity units 
FLYING ATMOSPHERE (rarely used in atmospheric operations):
Max level speed at sea level : 200 kph
Max level speed:  400 kph @ 30,000 m
Initial climb rate : over 10000m per minute
Service ceiling : Unlimited



61 m
100.0 m 
100.0 m
20,000 metric tonnes 
Unlimited with use of anti-gravity engines


  1. 2 x MAKRAL MOSSIL 920 PARTICLE BEAM CANNONS: Two long range Makral Mossil Type 920 particle beam cannons are mounted on top and bottom of the vessel.  The particle beam cannons are modified version of the type 918 systems found on most of the Zentraedi capital ships.  Each weapon  can fire 200 MJ shots every 7 seconds; however, once the vessel opens and the sensor begins its scan the Makral Mossil cannons can not fire.  The turrets can slew 360 degrees azimuthally and up to 90 degrees in elevation.  


  2. 24 x KUEXER 27 LASER CANNONS: Twenty-Four Kuexer light laser cannons are mounted on the vessel, 16 on the top and 8 on the bottom.  Each cannon can fire 30 MJ laser bursts up to four times per melee.  The turrets and associated sensors are optimized for anti-mecha use.  As such the turret can cover the entire upper hemisphere; however, only 16 of the turrets can fire at any target at any given time.  



  3. 10 x TOUWHAUG RASAR 481 MISSILE LAUNCHERS: Six turrets are mounted externally (four on top and two on the bottom) and four mounted internally (equally spaced protecting the sensor eye).  Each launcher fires SAA-1 Gliquoun Touwhaug missiles, a weapon with a conventional blast fragmentation warhead of 278 kg.  Each launcher can slew 360 degrees azimuthal and up to 40 degrees in elevation and fire missiles every 4 seconds.  The missile, however, is somewhat unwieldy against mecha as it is optimized for anti-capital ship use.

    "Mushroom" Sensor Eye




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