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Original design presented in Macross: 2036                               
Background by Kenneth Olson
Background Information derived from Robotech Technical Files


Initial Robotech Master mecha designs for the Zentraedi were massed produced with little thought placed in the defensive capabilities of the unit.  The Masters believed that  mass quantities of units alone would intimidate most cultures into submission.  As such a majority of the Zentraedi designs were meant to be easily massed produced with little though placed in the defensive capabilities of the units.  

After the initial battles with the Disciples of Zor and the continuing conflict with the Invid, the Robotech Masters came to the realization that quality possesses its own quantity.  The Masters had always valued their officers more than the common soldiers by providing them more advanced and capable mecha.  

The Queadluun-Rau was the very probably the most effective and finest Zentraedi mecha to be developed in mass quantities.  However, the masters felt that an upgraded officers version was needed.  Designing improvements on a mecha which had already shown itself to be the ultimate balance between amour, weaponry, and maneuverability proved difficult.  The Quadlum Quiltra took the basic frame of the Quadluun-Rau including the shoulder mounted Diwhaug Ratsatoul-9 and leg mounted Diwhaug Ratsatoul-8 missile launchers.  

Four additional weapon systems were added to the Quadlum Quiltra.  Two carbine versions of the Makral Tszikatro-05 particle beam cannons replace the standard arms.  These cannons were added to provide the mecha with long range weaponry designed to weaken the enemy before they enter into the shorter range of the missiles.   Two laser cannons were mounted on tentacles on either side of the mecha.  These tentacles are sufficiently flexible that they can provide protection to the mecha in both the front and rear arcs.  Two 82mm grenade guided grenade launchers were added to either side of the center torso.  Although, they are of limited use against heavily armored units, their rate of fire and damage potential could destroy large numbers of swarming Invid.

The armor protection was retained; however, the main protoculture generator was upgraded in order to provide the additional power necessary for the long range particle beam and laser weaponry.  Unfortunately, the unit is under powered which limits the effectiveness of the inertial vector control system and the rates of fire on the particle beam and laser cannons.  A long range hyperspace antenna was added to the rear of the unit which would allow the commander to communicate with the fleet commander at distances of up to 25 light-years.  

Like all of the advanced designs provided to the Krashavers border fleet, only 50 units were built.  Of these 14 were destroyed during the years leading up to the Ebolian conflict with the RDF.  The Quadlum Quiltra was not as successful as designers would have liked. Commanders were not pleased with rate of fire at longer range and often because of their aggressive nature the Zentraedi commander would close to missile range only to find that the unit was not as maneuverable as she was familiar with because of the limits placed on the inertial vector control system.  Many commanders would forgo the Quadlum Quiltra and instead use the standard Female Power armor.  As a result, only 10 units were encountered during the Ebolian conflict with the Earth Defense Forces.  All of these were destroyed, although the strange configuration initially confused many units.  Two units were later salvaged from the Ebolian Zentraedi ships and were studied by the REF in case the expeditionary forces were to encounter them again.

 An RPG supplement for Robotech Crystal Dreams will be released by Robotech Research in the near future (estimated release date March 2001)


Vehicle Type: One person all weather ground combat mecha
Class: Zentraedi Power Armor
Manufacturer: Robotech Masters
Crew: One pilot


Location Quadlum Quiltra
* Communications Antenna (2) 5 each
Armored Hyperspace Antenna 50
** Face Plate / Sight system 50
Particle Beam cannons (2) 100 each
Laser Tentacles (2) 100 each
Grenade Launchers (2) 35 each
Shoulder Missile Launchers (2) 75 each
Leg Missile Launchers (2) 60 each
Engines Thrusters (2) 50 each
Legs (2) 120 each
*** Main Body 200 
  1. *  Destroying the communications antenna will knock out all of the short range communication systems for the Quadlum Quiltra; However, attackers are -6 to strike
  2. ** Destroying the face plate of the Quadlum Quiltra will knock out most of the sensor systems including all of the optics systems (infrared, nightvision, thermal) and radar; however, communications will be unaffected.  Attackers are -6 to strike.
  3. *** Depleting the MDC of the main body will destroy the mecha



900 kph in planetary atmospheres
130 kph
30 m


47.4 metric tonnes (empty)
Equal to a P.S. of 60
1 x Xot'zerr-8-DCr protoculture generator with multiple protoculture canisters
Engines: two Varshtanns type 35 plasma-shock expansion thrusters in the back, output 200 kN.
40 kps
15 days of continuous use


  1. 2 x MAKRAL TSZIKATRO-05C PARTICLE BEAM CANNON: The Quadlum Quiltra possess two carbine versions of the -05 model found on the Glaug Officer's battle pod.  The particle beam cannons are mounted on either arm.  Each particle beam can fire bursts with a yield up to 20 MJ accurately to 3000m.  However, the protoculture generators on the Quadlum Quiltra are overtaxed due to the number of weapons and demands placed on the system because of the inertial piloting system.  This limits the rates of fire on each weapon to once every 7 seconds.  As a result, the standard tactic was to fire a combined bursts a enemies at long range and then close to use the secondary weapons. 


  2. 2 x MAKHARSZ X'TREW LASER CANNONS:  The Makharsz design group was tasked with replacing the triple barreled Makharsz Vawnous-12 particle beam cannons on the standard Queadlunn Rau.  Their design was unique because each laser was mounted on two tentacle structures on either side of the torso.  Each laser is independently targetable and capable of hitting targets in a +-120 degree arc.  The weapons are powered through two fiber optic cables directly from the main protoculture generators. and each can fire laser bursts of 15 MJ once every four seconds.  However, because of the unusual focusing properties of the highly flexible fiber optic cables the laser only has a maximum range of 1500m. 


  3. 2 x DIWHAUG RATSATOUL-9:  Two standard Ratsatoul-9 missile launchers, found on the Queadlunn-Rau (Female Power), are mounted on either shoulder.  Each launcher had 21 Maggot short range missiles in launch position with an addition 21 stored immediately behind for a total capacity of 42 missiles per launcher


  4. 2 x DIWHAUG RATSATOUL-8:  Two standard Ratsatoul-8 circular missile launchers are mounted on the outside of either leg.  Each launcher carries 21 Maggot Universal Dogfight missiles, without any reloads.


  5. 2 x MOLDILE MISTRAEDKOR-50 (82.0 mm Grenade Launcher):  Two single barrel rotary liquid-fueled grenade launchers are mounted on either side of the center torso.  The Moldile Mistraekor-50 was taken from the Logran Low power armor and placed on the Quadlum Quiltra as an secondary armament.  The cannon fires semi-active laser guided HESH-grenades with a maximum speed of 300m/s at 200 rpm to a maximum effective range of 1000 m.  Each launcher has an internal capacity of 50 rounds. 


  6. 1 or 2 x KARATSZON QUILLO-171 ZENTRAEDI LASER:  The Logran Low is capable of holding one or two rapid fire pulse lasers.  The laser fires 12.5 MJ bursts and is powered directly by the main protoculture generator through energy conduits which connect to the gun pod in the hand. 






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