Giraa Command Unit - "Invid Scorpion"

(Version 1.01 - Last updated: 02/09/02)  
RPG Translation and History by Kenneth Olson
Based on an original mecha design by John and Jason Waltrip
Published in Eternity Comics "Robotech The Sentinels Book 4 #8."


History of Black Death Destroyers

invid_scorpion2a.GIF (68282 bytes)With the design of the Black Death Destroyers, the Invid Regent ordered a mecha so powerful that it could engage multiple REF mecha and come out victorious.   This mecha, armed with the most powerful weapons and sensors ,would become the command mecha for his elite forces.  The Invid research teams did not disappoint him.  The Invid Giraa Command Mecha was armed with no less than 5 PL-5X, plasma cannons found on the shock trooper, and 16 PL-3L, plasma cannons on the armored scout.  A volley of any of these weapons would bring an REF veritech to its knees.  The Invid Giraa was given the Invid's first missile launcher system, the IM-10, mainly to use against incoming missiles but it could be used to engage the enemy at extreme distances.  To guide these missiles a primitive radar system was added.  In addition to the formidable ranged weaponry, four combat claws were added to rip apart any mecha foolish enough to engage in melee combat

The Invid Giraa Command Mecha proved to be the most powerful Invid Mecha fielded by the Invid during the wars with the Robotech Expeditionary Forces.   However, the Scorpion as called by the REF, also proved to be extremely difficult to produce.  For every Giraa Command Mecha approximately 100 Invid Troopers or 50 Shock Troopers could be manufactured.  As a result only approximately 1,000 units were created.  The Giraa was for the exclusive use for the highest ranking stage four Invid in each hive or members of the elite Protoculture Death Squads formed on Optera.

The design proved to have some serious problems.  First and foremost, the Giraa was severely underpowered, although four 4 x Zyerri protoculture generators were included.  As a result the mecha could not fire all its plasma weapons in a single volley.  Secondly, the missile system proved to be extremely inaccurate to the point that its primary purpose of anti-missile protection was a wishful thought (game terms:  will only strike mecha on 10-20, and missiles on 18-20).  Finally, the REF forces took advantage of the weakness built into all Invid Mecha, that of the sensor eye.   There are countless cases of Giraa command mechs destroyed with a single shot through the eye without any damage to any other location.

A majority of the Giraa Command mecha were destroyed during battles with the REF; however, no less than 10 units were spotted with the Invid Regis during the occupation of Earth.  REF intelligence believes that the Invid Regis was examining these units as possible command mecha for her own stage 5 Invid; however, she turned towards the Royal Command Battloid as the incredible cost of production was too great even for her own tastes. 



Vehicle Type: One person all weather command mecha
Class: Invid combat mecha
Manufacturer: Invid Regent
Crew: One pilot type 4


Location Invid Scorpion
Hand/Claw (4) 20
Forearms (4) 150
Upper Arms (4) 60
Legs & Feet (2) 150
Main Engine Thruster (rear) (2) 75
Top Plasma Cannons (3) 50
Shoulder Plasma Cannons (2) 40
Shoulder Missile Launchers (2) 200
(2) Sensor Eye 20
(1) Main Body 400
Reinforced Pilots Compartment 100
  1. Depleting the MDC of the main body will destroy the mecha. 
  2. The sensor eye is the most vulnerable place on the Invid's mecha body.  Destruction of the sensor eye will destroy the mecha and pilot.  However, it is a small target protected by surrounding shielding, thus, to hit the player must make a called shot at -3.



400 kph in plantary atmospheres
150 kph
30 m


6.0 m
16.0 metric tonnes
Equal to a P.S. of 60
4 x Zyerri protoculture generator, four times the number in the shock trooper,  with 18 protoculture canisters
Propulsion in Spaceborne operations:
Engines: two vectorable thruster port with total output of 120 kN
Delta V:
50 kps
Generator Endurance:
1 month of continual use

invid_scorpion1a.GIF (93109 bytes)



  1. gurabs_lurking.jpg (21028 bytes)FIVE PL-5X PLASMA CANNONS: The Scorpion has three plasma cannons mounted on flexible projections emanating from the main body and two in fixed positions on either side of the sensor eye.   Each cannon is the same design as that on the shock trooper (see picture above).  All three on top and both of the fixed cannons, are targeted together.


  2. arm_scout.jpg (23653 bytes)FOUR PL-3L PLASMA CANNONS: The Invid Scorpion has four plasma cannons mounted on each of the four arms..  Each cannon is the same design as that on the armored scout (see picture above).  All the plasma cannons on each of the arms are target together.


  3. SHORT RANGE MISSILE SYSTEM IM-10: The Invid Scorpion has, for the Invid, a revolutionary short range missile system


  4. HAND TO HAND COMBAT:.  Like all Invid mecha the Invid Scorpion possesses a considerable ability to engage in hand to hand combat






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