Invid Black Death Destroyers



As the war against the REF progressed, the Invid Regent felt that new mecha designs were needed.  He ordered his scientists to design a new breed of mecha that would strike fear into the hears of the Sentinels.  The Invid scientists created the Black Death Destroyers consisting of the Invid Scorpion, Invid Arachnid, Invid Mantis, Invid Razorback, and the Invid Tick.  These units were to become the core forces of  rejuvenated Invid Empire.  The Invid Regent was extremely proud of these mecha, for not only were they the most powerful designs ever fielded by Invid forces, but more importantly they were designed and produced exclusively for his forces.  

The Invid Regent insisted that all the mecha producing facilities on Optera be converted to Black Death Destroyers proved to be the final death nail for the Invid Regent.  These facilities sat idel while the production bugs were worked out and only regained production once the war with the REF was effectively completed.  In addition, the Black Death Destroyers proved incredibly expensive to maintain and produce



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