VBT-1 (-1A1,-1A2) Centaur Veritech Battle Tank

(Version 1.10 - Last updated: 12/15/02)  
Background and RPG Statistics by Kenneth Olson
Based on an original mecha design by Bill Spangler and Michael Ling
Published in Eternity Comics "The Malcontent Uprisings 1-12"


The crash of the SDF-1 and subsequent formation of the United Earth Defense Forces, left each of the armed forces with a plethora of new technologies but an uncertainty on the composition of their newly created units.  The UN-SPACY focused on rebuilding the SDF-1 and ARMD space platforms, the UN-Navy on building the new Prometheus and Daedalus class submersible carries, and the UN-Air Force on the Veritech fighter; however, groups within the UN-Army disagreed on composition of their battle formations.  One fraction argued for the creation of a new generation of advanced tanks while the other proposed a 2nd generation of walking Destroid units based off the unsuccessful Earth Trekker designs from the Global Civil War.

While the Destroids were still in the experimental stage, the first of several advanced battle tanks were entering into production with the Centaur Veritech Battle Tank as the most promising.  Proponents of the advanced tank wanted to field a new design as soon as possible and towards this end, the Centaur is almost entirely conventional in nature.  As mecha sized protoculture engines were still in the early developmental stages and several years away from mass production, the Centaur was given a conventional gas turbine to power the unit.

The armor and weapons on the Centaur are purely conventional in nature.  Protection is afforded by an advanced laminate "Chobham" armor similar in composition to that on the earlier M1A2 "Abrams".  The armor provides near immunity from signal shots fired by contemporary tanks and excellent protection from anti-mecha weapons up to 60mm in caliber.  Passive protection includes stowage of the main gun's ammunition in a bustle separated from the rest of the turret by fast-closing doors.  The bustle design is intended to reduce the secondary effects of a hit in the turret by blocking the explosion with the door and venting it through roof blow-out panels.  A fire detection and suppression system covers both the crew and the engine compartments.  The pilot's compartment is fully pressurized to provide full nuclear, biological, and chemical protection to the crew at all times.

The Centaur's main weapon is a 120mm smooth bore cannon, similar to those produced for the previous generation of battle tanks during the Global Civil War.  However, the units primary advantage over previous designs is that the Centaur can hide behind natural terrain and use its battloid mode to elevate itself and fire from cover.  Two weapons arms are mounted underneath the main turret in battloid mode.  The right weapons arm mounts a 40mm grenade launcher, a single 12.7 mm machine gun, and two 7.62mm anti-personal machine guns.  While the left weapons arm mounts a single 25 mm cannon, flamethrower and two 7.62mm machine guns. 

A total of 535 VBT-1A Centaurs were produced from 2005 until 2009 with the introduction of the -1A1 version of the Centaur.  This upgraded version was given a first generation protoculture engine which provided the -1A1 model with effectively unlimited range.  The basic weaponry was retained; however, new armor was provided giving the -1A1 nearly 25% additional protection over the previous -1A version.  Seven hundred and thirty four -1A1 units were produced from 2009 until production ended with the Zentraedi "Rain of Death" in 2011 with another 274 older -1A models upgraded to the -1A1 standard.  The VBT-1A and -1A1 were relegated to secondary and reserve status during the next decade.  However, nearly 157 units were given to the newly formed Armies of the Southern Cross (ASC) Tactical Corps which would use the -1A1 model up until the Invid invasion

The final version of the Centaur was introduced as a competitor to the second generation of "Spartas "Veritech Hover Tank.  The VBT-1A2 replaced all of its earlier weaponry with new energy based ones.  The main cannon was replaced with a 120mm Pulse laser cannon and the two conventional weapons arms with an E-20 laser in the right and Oerlikon triple barreled 36mm plasma pulse cannon in the left.  Armor protection was increased over earlier models and as the pilot is fully protected while in tank mode the Centaur appeared to have an advantage over the VHT-1A2.  However, during the competition the designers for the Spartas introduced the VHT-1A3 variant which provided the pilot with an armored enclosed cockpit.  With the major flaw of the Spartas apparently rectified, the ACS picked the Spartas over the Centaur because of its true battloid capability.  However, the ASC Tactical Corps did order 158 units to replace older -1A1 models.  All models of the Centaur survived through the Invid bombardment and entered into many resistance groups during the subsequent occupation; although, ironically the non-protoculture based VBT-1 was highly prized because of it non-protoculture based main engine.



Vehicle Type: VBT-1,-A1,-A2
Class:  Veritech Battletank
Manufacturer:  Vickers
Crew: Two (Driver and Commander/Gunner)
Service History:
VBT-1:  Served with the Robotech Defense Forces from 2005 until 2020 and with the Armies of the Southern Cross Tactical Corp from 2012 until 2022
VBT-1A1:  Served with the Robotech Defense Forces from 2009 until 2032 and with the Armies of the Southern Cross Tactical Corp from 2012 until 2032
VBT-1A2:  Served with the Armies of the Southern Cross Tactical Corp from 2027 until 2032


Location VBT-1 VBT-1A1 VBT-1A2
1 Main Body / Turret 200 250 300
Commander's  Cockpit 50 50 100
Reinforced Pilots Compartment 100 100 150
Main Cannon 60 60 90
Missile Launcher 50 50 75
2 Sensor Array (under main turret) 30 30  50
Arms (weapon arrays varies on type)  (2) 100 each 100 each 125 each
Weapons Clusters (2) 50 each 50 each 100 each
Upper Legs (2) 100 each 100 each 150 each
Legs (2) 100 each 100 each 150 each
Lower Leg Hover system (2) 70 each 70 each 100
Rear Thrusters (2) 40 each 40 each 60 each
3 Grappling Cables (4) 10 each 10 each 10 each


  1. Depleting the MDC of the main body will destroy the mecha. If the Centaur is below 1.5 km in depth the mecha will be destroyed from hydrostatic pressure.
  2. Destroying the sensor array  of the tank will knock out the mecha's major sensor systems, including all of the optics systems (infrared, radar, thermal).  
  3. Items are extremely small and require a called shot at an addition -3 to strike
  4. Armor for the VBT-1A2 "Super Centaur" is laser resistant (all lasers do half damage)



VBT-1:  90 kph
VBT-1A1:  100 kph
VBT-1A2:  120 kph
MAX SPEED, SOLDIER CONFIGURATION (1.5 meter maximum sustained hover height):
VBT-1:  100 kph
VBT-1A1:  150 kph
VBT-1A2:  200 kph
No capability
VBT-1:  550 km diesel and 480 km petrol
VBT-1A1,-1A2:  Effectively unlimited with use of protoculture energizers


2.3 m - Tank
4.5 m - Centaur
4.0 m - Tank
5.0 m - Centaur
6.7 m - Tank
6.2 m - Centaur
VBT-1:  38,000 kg fully loaded
VBT-1A1:  42,000 kg fully loaded
VBT-1A2:  35,000 kg fully loaded
Equal to a P.S. of 60
Small compartment behind pilot's seat for personal belongings.
VBT-1:  900 liters of diesel or petrol
VBT-1A1,-1A2:  12 standard canisters of protoculture



  1. (VBT-1 and VBT-1A1) RHEINMETAL M2005 120MM SMOOTHBORE CANNON:  A single 120 mm cannon is mounted in the turret of the of the Centaur.  The cannon can hold a maximum of 50 rounds and is auto-loaded at a maximum rate of 20 rounds per minute.  The mix of shells is dependent on the mission; however, the typical anti-mecha load is: 50% High Explosive Anti Tank Multi Purpose Tracer (HEAT-MP-T), 20% Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot Tracer (APFSDS-T),  30% Seek Mecha Destroy Mecha Cluster (SMDM-C)  (see table below for full description).
    Ammunition Damage Radius [m] Range (direct/indirect) Other
    High Explosive Armor Piercing - Multi Purpose- Tracer (HEAT-MT-T) 3D6*10 3 m 5.0 km / 15 km crits on 19,20
    Self Propelled Intelligently Guided Ordnance Thermite (SPIGOT) 3D4*10 2 m 5.6 km / 18 km -
    Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot - Tracer (APFSDS-T) 2D4*10 5m 5.6 km / 18 km +1 to strike, crits on 17-20
    Seek Mecha Destroy Mecha - Cluster (SMDM-C) 2D4 for each bomblet  (10 total) 10 m 3.5 km / 10 km

    +1 to strike, Divide the total number of mecha by 10 - attack each in a random spread.

    Hypervelocity Airburst Flechette Explosive (HAFE) 3D6 MDC 30 m 4.0 km / 12 km +1 to strike, crits on 19,20
    Fuel Air Explosive (FAE) 2D6 MDC 100 m 4.0 km / 12 km -
    Seek Mecha Destroy Mecha --  Minefield (SMDM-M) 1D4 MDC for each bomblet (30 total) 30 m 3.5 km / 10 km Divide the total number of mecha by 30 - attack each in a random spread.
    Tactical Nuclear Shell 1 kilotonne See Nuclear Weapon Data 5.8 km / 19 km See Nuclear Weapon Data
    Sensor Artillery Delivered (SAD) - 1000 m 6.0 km / 20 km Seismic and Passive EM sensor and Radio link to an area


  2. (VBT-1A2) RRG MK13 120MM PULSE LASER CANNON:  On the VBT-1A2 model, the old 120mm smoothbore M2005 cannon is replaced with an energy based RRG Mk13 pulsed particle beam cannon.  Although the upgraded cannon is incapable of indirect fire, the newer design is capable of dealing out comparable damage without need of ammunition.  The cannon can fire 30 MJ pulses at a sustained rate of 4 shots per melee.   without the cannon can fire 30 MJ pulses at a rate of 6 shots per melee.


  3. (VBT-1,-1A1) 1 x MK-1A WEAPONS ARM:   The MK-1A weapons cluster was used in both of the early production models of the Centaur and is mounted on the left arm instead of a hand.  Although not standard, the unit could mount MK-1A weapons arms in both arms (ie a MK-1A in both the right and left arms).  The weapons cluster is armed with only SDC weaponry which includes the following:


  4. (VBT-1,-1A1) 1 x MK-1B WEAPONS ARM: The MK-1B weapons cluster is the standard armament for the right arm of early model Centaur tanks.  Although not standard, the unit could mount MK-1B weapon clusters in both arms (ie a MK-1B in both the right and left arms).  The MK-1B includes the following :


  5. (VBT-1A2) 1 x E-20 WEAPONS ARM:  A single General Electric EU-20 Pulse Lasers is mounted in the right arm replacing the MK-1A weapons cluster.  The E-20 is powered  directly from the main protoculture energizers and are capable of firing a 10 MJ shot up to 60 times a minute.  


  6. (VBT-1A2) 1 x OERLIKON TRIPLE BARREL 36MM  PLASMA PULSE CANNON:   An Oerlikon 36mm pulse cannon is mounted in the left arm replacing the MK-1B weapons cluster.  The cannon fires bursts of plasma annihilation discs with enough plasma stored for twenty 6 MJ bursts.  The main protoculture energizers can produce every melee (15 seconds) enough plasma for four additional bursts.


  7. (VBT--1,1A1) 1 x RGL-12 TWELVE TUBE 40mm ROCKET PROPELLED GRENADE LAUNCHER:   A single launcher is located on the front turret.   Although, the weapons are not capable of damaging MDC structures, the weapons are extremely valuable for crowd control.


  8. (VBT-1A2) 1 x MM-12 SHORT RANGE MISSILE LAUNCHER:  The VBT-1A2 replaced the largely ineffective RGL-12 with a standard 12 tube short range hammerhead missile system.   Twelve missiles are ready to fire with twelve additional reloads. 


  9. HAND TO HAND COMBAT: Although not designed for melee combat, the Centaur can engage in hand-to-hand combat it necessary.







Random Hit Locations

When there is an equal chance of hitting both sides from 1D6

When there is a preferred side, roll 1D10

Main Body / Turret 01-40 01-30 01-35 01-35 01-10
Commander's Cockpit (Reinforced Pilot's Compartment) 41-43 31-35 36-40 36-45 -
Reinforced Pilot's Compartment - - - - 11-25
Main Cannon (Main Body) 44-50 - 41-50 46-55 26-30
Missile Launcher (Main Body) 51-60 - - 56-60 -
Sensor Array (Main Body) 61-65 - - - 31-40
Arms (Main Body) - - - - 41-45
Weapons Cluster (Arms) - - - - 46-50
Upper Legs (Main Body) 66-70 36-45 51-65 61-75 -
Legs (Upper Legs) 71-00 46-50 66-85 76-85 51-75
Lower Leg Hover System (Legs) - 51-75 86-00 86-95 76-90
Rear Thrusters (Main Body) - 76-00 - 96-00 91-00


Main Body / Turret 01-35 01-30 01-30 01-40 01-10
Commander's Cockpit (Reinforced Pilot's Compartment) 36-37 31-35 31-33 41-45 -
Reinforced Pilot's Compartment - 36-40 - - 11-20
Main Cannon (Main Body) 38-43 - 34-42 46-52 21-25
Missile Launcher (Main Body) 43-49 - - 53-57 -
Sensor Array (Main Body) 50-54 41-45 43-45 58-60 26-30
Arms (Main Body) 55-58 46-50 46-50 61-63 31-35
Weapons Cluster (Arms) 59-63 51-53 51-55 64-67 36-42
Upper Legs (Main Body) 64-76 54-60 56-65 68-72 43-48
Legs (Upper Legs) 77-00 61-70 66-80 73-87 49-70
Lower Leg Hover System (Legs) - 71-90 81-95 87-96 71-95
Rear Thrusters (Main Body) - 91-00 96-00 97-00 96-00


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