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RPG Statistics by Kenneth Olson
Background Information derived from Robotech Technical Files


In an effort to correctly balance the weaponry  for the Cyclone, I have made a quick primer on the cyclone weapon systems and their respective damage.   Unless otherwise noted:

Weapon System VR-038 VR-041 VR-052 VR-055 VR-064 VR-072
EP-26 x x x x x x
EP-37 x x x x x x
EP-40 x x x      
EP-41R       x   x
EP-42 x x x      
EP-48 x x x x x x
H-109P x x x x x x
M-100 x x x x x x
Gallant x x x x x x
GR-10       x   x
GR-97 x x x      
GR-103   x        
GR-105       x   x
RL-9 x x x      
CAD-1 x x x   x x

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  1. EP-26 50MM HAND-HELD PARTICLE BEAM GUN:  The EP-26 was developed in 2032 and was one of the first hand-held weapons available for the Cyclone riding armor.  The weapon is powered directly from the Cyclone's main Protoculture energerizer which does provide the weapon with effectively unlimited ammunition, but at a substantially reduced rate of only 12 shots per minute.  The weapon fires a 4 MJ shot out to an effective combat range of 1200 meters.  
  2. EP-37 60MM HAND-HELD PARTICLE BEAM GUN:  The EP-37 is capable of firing semi-automatically either 1.5 MJ or 750 KJ.    The weapon is powered by an energy clip that holds 15 1.5 MJ (or 30 750 KJ) shots.   


  3. EP-40ep-40.gif (3987 bytes)  The EP-40 is capable of firing 750 KJ shots semi-automatically.    The weapon is powered by an energy clip that holds 45  750 KJ shots.  An advanced targeting camera  is mounted on the top front of the EP-40 that links directly to the targeting computer of the cyclone. 


    The EP-41R can fire 1.0 MJ shots at a maximum sustained rate of the rate of 30 shots per minute, but is capable of instantaneous rate of fire of 300 shots per minute. The weapon is mounted on the right shoulder of the VR-055 and not capable of being mounted on any other cyclone model. The weapon is powered from its own dedicated protoculture cell, and is linked directly to the cyclones targeting computer.


  5. ep-42.gif (6051 bytes)EP-42 THREE-BARRELED 80MM PARTICLE GUN POD: The EP-42 is capable of firing 3.0 MJ pulses from each barrel at a rate of 20 shots per minute.  The weapon is powered directly from the main protoculuture generator of the cyclone, which limits its rate of fire but is offset by conditionally unlimited payload.


  6. EP-48 PLASMA MORTAR RIFLE:  The EP-48 was developed to allow the Cyclone to fire at targets not directly in its line-of-sight.  The weapon is extremely effective in targeting fixed sites at ranges up to 2,500 meters, any further and the plasma mortar loses containment and quickly dissipates.  The weapon takes some training to use effectively as the mortars are fired at 100 m/s muzzle velocity which results in highly parabolic trajectories, as compared to other Cyclone weaponry.  The weapon is powered from its own Protoculture cell which allows the EP-48 to fire up to 40 shots.  The weapon was developed in the early 2040's and saw wide use by the time of the 2nd Reclamation Force arrived in Earth space (September 2042).


  7. H-109P CYCLONE DESTABLIZER:  The plans for the H-109P were stolen before the 2nd Earth Reclamation force left for Earth space.  The culprit was never discovered and it took the Robotech Research facilities on Tirol  two additional years until immediately before the 3rd Reclamation force was launched before the H-109P entered into full production.  Only several hundred were produced for the attack and those were issued exclusively for REF Special Forces.  The H-109P fires a plasma shot with an output of 10 MJ up to 8 times per melee out to effective combat range of 1,000 meters.  The plasma shot have a specific disrupting effect on force fields and will short out low-power field fields completely, while high-power fields will temporarily cease to function.   
  8. M_100.gif (28698 bytes)M-100: Used for anti-personnel missions against lightly or unarmored targets.   The M-100 uses two magazines both of which have a 100 round capacity.  Like the EP-40, the M-100 has an advanced targeting camera which links with the cyclone's main weapon system providing it with a higher probability of striking. .


  9. mars_gallant.jpg (21156 bytes)MARS GALLANT H-90 PARTICLE BEAM GUN:

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  1. GR-10 TRIPLE-TUBE ROCKET-PROPELLED GRENADE LAUNCHERS: Two GR-10's are mounted on either side of the Devastator cyclone.  Each holds three Recluse missiles which are guided by the cyclones internal weapon systems. devastator.gif (18279 bytes)


  2. GR-97: Two Scorpion missiles are mounted in each launcher.  The missiles possess their own laser guided system and are not dependent on the cyclone for (2912 bytes)


  3. GR-103: Two GR-103 are mounted internally on the VR-041 Cyclone.  Each launcher can hold 6 Recluse missiles gr_103.jpg (17330 bytes)


  4. GR-105: Found exclusively on the VR-055 Devastator, the GR-105 is an upgraded version of the GR-97.  The only major difference between the two is that the GR-105 holds three Scorpion missiles instead of two gr-105.gif (2812 bytes)


  5. RL-9 HAND HELD ROCKET LAUNCHER: The RL-6 fires Tarantula mini-missiles.  Each RL-6 has a payload of 6 missiles and can fire all in one volleytarantual1.jpg (9053 bytes)

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