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Meritorious Service

Requirements:  Complete "Force of Arms" Mission

Reward:  Unlocks "Izzy" paint scheme

Bronze Cross

Requirements:  Kill 50 Battlepods

Reward:  None


Gold Nova

Requirements:  Defeat Gorian three times

Reward:  None

Distinguished Service

Requirements:  Complete "The Enemy Within Mission"

Reward:  Unlocks "Rick" paint scheme and VF-1S

Silver Cross

Requirements:  Kill 75 Battlepods and complete Bronze Cross set (kill 225 total Battlepods)

Reward:  None

RDF Supernova

Requirements:  Complete Gold Nova set (defeat Gorian nine times total)

Reward: Unlocks "Patriot" paint scheme and "City in Space" verses map

Master Airman

Requirements:  Kill 100 Fighter Pods

Reward:  None

Gold Cross

Requirements:  Kill 100 Battlepods and complete Silver Cross set (kill 475 total Battlepods)

Reward:  None

Robotech Marksman

Requirements:  Kill 50 Male Power Armor units using sniper weapon

Reward: Unlocks "Stealth" paint scheme

RDF Flying Ace

Requirements:  Complete Master Airman set (300 total Fighter Pods)

Reward:  Unlocks Debris Field Versus map and "Max" paint scheme

Southern Cross

Requirements:  Complete Gold Cross set  (kill 675 total Battlepods)

Reward:  Unlocks Armored Veritech and "Factory" verses map

Wolf Leader

Requirements:  Complete the game

Reward:  Unlocks YF-1R and "Wolf" paint scheme

RDF Starburst

Requirements:  Complete all boss missions two times

Reward:  Unlocks "Flood City" versus map

Silver Shield

Requirements:  Complete "Graveyard" mission using VF-1A

Reward:  Unlocks "Miriya" paint scheme and "Graveyard" verses map

Tuna Head

Requirements:  Kill 50 Scout Pods

Reward:  Unlocks Female Power Armor for verses mode

Titanium Medal of Valor

Requirements:  Complete "Knife's Edge" mission

Reward:  Unlocks VF-1J

Superior Defense

Requirements:  Complete "Attrition" mission

Reward:  Unlocks "Graystone" verses map

Jolly Rodger

Requirements:  Complete "Party Crashers" mission three times

Reward:  Unlocks "Skull One" paint scheme and "Bursting Point" versus map

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