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Assault on Optera, "Red Moon Scenario"
Attack on Spira
Rescue at Beta Crucis 2
Exford Mission
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Robotech Base in Mountains
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Information Run (01/08/04) new.gif (925 bytes)
Map for REF Outpost (85 k jpg)

Color Key for Bullets is found here

Guyar Invid Shock Trooper 
Kerogga Scout 
Mular Enforcer  
Lagur Light Aerospace Mecha
Ligaa Aerospace Mecha (Scout and Armored Scout)

Invid Black Death Destroyers
Giraa Command "Invid Scorpion"
Iglam Scout "Invid Tick"
Larab Warrior "Invid Mantis"
Larib Shock Trooper "Invid Razorback"
Marglar Recon "Invid Arachnid"

Command Scrim  UPDATE.GIF (177 bytes) (12/04/02)

MBR-12 Mk II Condor
REF Bioroid Interceptor new.gif (925 bytes)(01/04/06)
REF Tactical Battle Pod Z1  
REF Officer's Battle Pod Z2  
REF Zentraedi Striker Battloid (ZEB)

Powered Armor
Karsrek Karbarran Power Armor

KDF-3 "K'Turk" Ewing Fighter
MM-310 "Battle Buggy"  new.gif (925 bytes) (03/07/06)
SF-6 Vulture
SA-8 Vampire

Fast Packs / Boosters
NP-BP-22 "Alpha" Fighter FAST Pack Boosters  (10/20/03)
Armored VBF-9 with GBP-9S Armor Augmentation System  new.gif (925 bytes)(04/20/04)
TRans-Earth Deployment (TREAD) Booster new.gif (925 bytes) (02/17/04)

VBR-2 Shadow Hawk
VF-1 "Veritech" and derivatives
VF-1R "Mustang"
VF-SDF "Kawamori"  
VF-2 Vindicator (07/15/01)
VF-5 "Condor"   
VAF-6 Series of Veritech Fighters  and derivatives UPDATE.GIF (177 bytes) (02/08/02)
VBF-9 Series of Veritech Fighters  
Armored VBF-9 with GBP-9S Armor Augmentation System  new.gif (925 bytes)(04/20/04)
VF-9 "Raptor II"
YVF1-A Raven

Note:  Units produced after 2031 are placed under New Generation

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"Official"  Item was in either the 85 episodes of Robotech, 3 episodes of Sentinels, or Robotech The Movie, Robotech "The Graphic Novel", or Robotech Art 1,2, or 3.

"Semi-Official"  Item is only found in Source Books for Super Dimensional Macross, Super Dimensional Southern Cross, Mospeada, Palladium RPG books, Robotech Comics, Macross Video games or tangential works Megazone 23 Part II and Macross The Movie.

"Pure Conjecture"  Item not found in any of the above and created by the author.

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