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Additions to Zentraedi Breakout
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Mecha Factory
Maps for use with Campaign Cartographer v2.72 or higher
Supplemental maps for New World Order
Part 1  Priorities: Area around Bieli
Part 2 While on Patrol ...:  Area around loading Depot
Part 3 Besieged:  UEG Building
RDF Victoria Base
General Combat Area
The Community of Saint Paul the Apostle
Random encounter outside of Lagos (80-89%)
Part 5: General defects
Jail at Naimey base

Color Key for Bullets is found here

Armor and Small Arms  

Capital Ships
Zentraedi Automated Weapons Platform "Mushroom"

Regult Tactical Battle Pod and derivatives
Assault Pod (Regult-Assault)  
  Stealth Regult  (10/24/02)
  Zel Regult (Advanced Tactical Battlepod)  (10/02/04)
Glaug Officer Pod and derivatives
Ex Glaug "Enhanced Officer Pod" 
Gilouza Glaug "Commander's Pod"  
Manzanip Laa "Command Armor"  
Nousjaedul-Ger (Male Power) Armor and derivative
Logran Low 
Queadlunn-Ger "Tactical Armor"
Queadlunn-Glaug "Officer Armor"
Queadlunn-Yau "Assault Armor"   
Quaedluun-Rau (Female) Armor and derivative
Shellcair Gar  
Quadlum Quiltra   
Queadlunn-Nna "Shock Armor"
Tolver Malgrin Zentraedi Assault Recon Pod   (01/07/02)

Erebar Balnor Zentraedi Gunboat
Stealth Raulonve Fighter Pod new.gif (925 bytes)(01/04/03)
Zentraedi Automated Drone "Mite"

Mikoyan MiM-31 "Karyovin"  UPDATE.GIF (177 bytes) (06/20/03)
SAAB-39 "Gripen"  (07/16/04) new.gif (925 bytes)(07/16/04)
Sukhoi S-37 "Berkut"  (10/02/02)

Naval Vessels
Oscar II Guided Missile Submarine

YVM-29 "Blue Max"  

Armor and Small Arms  (11/12/01)

EC-33 "Tracer" (05/30/02)
F-203 "Dragon II" new.gif (925 bytes)(08/07/02)
SF-2 Hunter
QF-4000e Superghost
QF-9IE "Phantom"
VC-27 "Tunny" new.gif (925 bytes)(07/04/02)

Earth Trekker
ET-01 Mk II "Spider" new.gif (925 bytes)(01/24/03)
ET-01 Mk IV "Tarantula" new.gif (925 bytes)(01/15/03)
ET-01 Mk V "Blackwidow"new.gif (925 bytes)(02/10/03)

ADR-04 Mk IX "Matador Zal" new.gif (925 bytes)(03/22/01)
LDR-04 Maverick

Naval Vessels
Gibraltar Class Super Carriers new.gif (925 bytes)(04/28/03)

Powered Armor
Cestus Battle Suit

MBT M-5 "Dark Knight" new.gif (925 bytes)(06/03/02)
M-6 "Tornado" new.gif (925 bytes)(06/21/02)

Veritechs (Pre-Zentraedi Invasion)
YVF-4 "Specter"
YAV-8 "Harrier Hurricane"
YVF-14 "Tigercat"

VBT-1 Centaur Battle Tank  UPDATE.GIF (177 bytes) (12/16/02)
VIF-1 "Hornet"
VF-1 "Veritech" and derivatives
VE-1 Elint
VT-1 Superostrich
VF-I2 "Thunderchief" 
VF-1M "Morningstar"
VF-SGP-1 "Armored Ostrich"
VF-2 "Jotun"
  VF-3000 "Blazingstar"
  VB-3000 "Aardvark" new.gif (925 bytes)(12/10/01)
VAX-3 "Firestorm"
VF-4 "Lightning"
XVF-10 "Apache"
VF-X-24 "Ghost" new.gif (925 bytes)(12/10/01)
VB-X-49 "Boomerang"new.gif (925 bytes)(12/10/01)

fire-bar.gif (2037 bytes)


"Official"  Item was in either the 85 episodes of Robotech, 3 episodes of Sentinels, or Robotech The Movie, Robotech "The Graphic Novel", or Robotech Art 1,2, or 3.

"Semi-Official"  Item is only found in Source Books for Super Dimensional Macross, Super Dimensional Southern Cross, Mospeada, Palladium RPG books, Robotech Comics, Macross Video games or tangential works Megazone 23 Part II and Macross The Movie.

"Pure Conjecture"  Item not found in any of the above and created by the author.

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